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Well, My Spring Break is now longer, because all the college teachers in Ontario are on strike (not uni, just college) so im happy. Yes a post that doesn’t have a pic, I thought I would spare you guys, and your bandwidth


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ess soo eazy haapy goo lakyy. lol this is really old but i felt like resurrecting it. NIPPON QU QU! G.R. DOUBLE E N LEAVES.

Some Demographics

Heres some demographic data on the visitors of, at first Saudi was lagging, now im happy to see that its almost there with the states! its pretty nifty that i can see everything about my site, so please don’t do something that would make me be an asshole. I never knew that I know someone in Japan or Cote D’lvorie? Maybe they Were Just jelous that we won the Africas Cup LOL!

Rolls Royce 101ex

All I can say is wow, this has been recently announced by Rolls Royce, Has the same construction technology as the Phantom is 240mm shorter than the phantom but is a coupe, ONE SEXY CAR in my opinion, one car to add to my Dream car list

Encarta Instant Answers

Encarta Bot
Saw this on a pic uploaded to a forum, its a bot on msn that will answer quick questions, its pretty useful, as you can see I asked the bot what the population of Egypt was and it promptly replied, and it can give you more info if you have Encarta installed. If you want to try this add this email to your msn list

The History Behind Kush

So as you guys know I used this domain because of my nick name Kush. So, Not everyone knows why thats my nickname, It was derived from Kushari, a famous Egyptian food. Great but there are about 80 million other Egyptians, why am I only one thats called that, or at least famous for it? Simple my mom sold it at my school for charity, and at that time wasn’t too popular with the cool kids, it was first Kushari, and then when i became more popular people cut it down to Kush, and now people dont even know my real name (Ahmed). It got to the point where my own family, and friends parents and family call me kush. At first this use to bother me, but for about 3 or 4 years now, its just added to my character, and flare!