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Pedal for Kids

Today I was doing a bit of shopping when I saw police closing streets, I knew something was going on. I took out my camera and started to record. It turned out to be the Pedal for Kids (Pedalez pour les enfants in French) Charity Bike run. They donate money to sick kids in the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Check out the website here (today was the last day of the run)

Egyptian Mcdonalds Ads

So today there is another set of Egyptian Ads,this time for Mcdonalds. Even though I despise Mcdonalds because their food is not real food I find the ads Hilarious. Again these commercials are in Arabic.

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Egyptian Coke Zero Ads (Very funny)

My Friend Hassan showed me theses halarious Egyptian Coke Zero Ads. Even though I don’t drink soft drinks (a little more info on me) I find these ads too funny. Word of advice they are in Arabic.

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