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My thoughts on WP Robot

Yesterday I saw an ad on my blog for Wp Robot. I had faintly remembered comming accross it before. So without clicking on the ad, I went to the official homepage. I  quickly read about it and figured out it is a plugin that auto blogs. I didn’t really know what it meant by that so I setup a test blog on my other domain. After installing it I realized that what WP Robot does is basically copy content (Yahoo answers, Clickbank, eBay, Flickr, Amazon, Youtube) from around the web and automagically (I think that word is funny) and post it on your blog. The point of it is to create a great amount of content on your page which will draw in users, earning you money, from advertising and affiliate linking. I only tried the demo and thought about buying the $140 full suite, however I think it is a terrible thing to do. The thought of the software is actually cool, however stealing content from the internet and posting it to make money is morraly wrong. I’ve seen sites that setup only to do this, and even found ones that steal my content. As a webmaster that makes me angry, so why should I do it to other people? I shouldn’t and no one else should for that matter. I would rather make less money from my blog with quality content than make lots of money with stolen content. However some people have different view points.

Ps. The reason I setup this blog was not to make money (that is only a perk), the reason was to share information and my love for the internet and seeing how websites work (frontend and backend).

How to fix blank WordPress pages

I’ve been having a problem for a while where on the admin side of wordpress where it would display a blank page (eg. plugin page, auto upgrading wordpress or plugins). I finally figured out that it was a memory limit problem. To fix this I increased the php memory limit. There are a couple of ways to do this.

1.Edit the php.ini File:

Just edit the file in a text editor and search for the memory_limit if you can not find it add it without the quotes

“memory_limit = 64M” (here i increased mine from 32 megabytes to 64 megabytes in order to fix the problem I was having)

2.Editing the .htaccess File:

add “php_value memory_limit 64M" to your .htaccess file.

(Note: .htaccess is a unix based hidden file and might not show up, make sure you can view hidden files. In general any filename starting with a period "." is a hidden file on a unix based system so this applies to Mac OS X as well)

Seo Tips for WordPress

So in the last couple of weeks, I took the decision to improve my site drastically. By doing so I have started to attract more visitors to my blog and increase traffic, Google Adsense revenue, and most important the quality of my posts. Continue reading Seo Tips for WordPress