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Missing Text in Sent Items Outlook 2003

Internet Explorer 11

If you’re running outlook 2003 and Windows 7 you might have noticed that some of your sent items are missing text. Don’t worry you’re not alone or going crazy. It’s a known issue that I found while helping out a client, and it’s been reported on spiceworks. The culprit is Internet Explorer 11. You can just uninstall it and the issue will be resolved. If you’re having this problem and want to uninstall Internet Explorer 11 follow the link below:

Uninstall Internet Explorer 11

0x80300024 Windows 7 error fix

I was installing Windows 7 on a Boot Camp partition and kept getting an error (0x80300024). After doing some Googling I found the solution at least for me. The fix is pretty simple, Remove all hard drives other than the one you are installing Windows on. That’s it plain and simple, I was able to continue with the installation without another error. After you install Windows, you can then reinsert all drives.

App of the day – Ninite

After you format a computer, you need to reinstall if not also re download all the installation files, that can take a lot of time, and be annoying to sit through all those installation menus. However thanks to a daneault over at reddit I was able to find a program that makes life so much easier! Ninite is a great program that allows you to pick some of the most popular software to be installed on your machine with simplicity. You simply go to the site and select your favorite programs (you can recommend a program if it is not on the site) and then download a small installation file. Once you open that file, it downloads and installs all the programs you selected previously. So this means you will still have to be connected to the internet, however in this day and age, broadband is everywhere. The types of programs are nicely organized in the following categories: Web Browsers, Messaging, Media, Imaging, Documents, Security, Runtimes, File Sharing, Other, Utilities, Compression, and Developer Tools. As you can see there is an extensive list of categories, and the list of software is too long to list in this short blog post.  Seriously I use to waste so much time installing software, but now this automated tool makes it so much easier and it actually makes formatting a pc fun again! This software should work on Win Xp and up and supports 32 and 64bit installations.

So next time you format a pc, head on over to Ninite.com to make it a better experience!

Screenshot taken from Ninite.com

Photo of the day – Windows 7 puzzle completed!

Windows 7 Puzzle
Click on picture for full size

Today I finally got around to starting and completing the Windows 7 turtle puzzle. This puzzle came with the Windows 7 house party pack that I received back in late 2009. It was fun, and makes me think I should take up puzzles as a hobby!

Yes, I realize that might sound stupid, but it’s a great activity.

Ps. Thank you Microsoft!

Blackberry Media Sync on Windows 7

A lot of programs won’t install or run properly on windows 7 yet, and not many developers have cared since it’s still in beta and If you’ve tried to use blackberry media sync on windows 7 and failed i have found a way to work it. I was always getting an error when trying to install it. so here’s a work around that should get you using the program quickly.
1. once you have the file downloaded Extract its contents using winrar (the exe is just a zip file)
2. press the windows button and r button on the keyboard, type in “cmd” without the quotes and press enter
3. navigate to where the folder to the folder you extracted
4. Rename the msi file to a.msi for ease of use in the next step
4. type “msiexec /a a.msi” without the quotes and press enter
5. now a window will pop up and extract the files you need just select where you want to extract them
6. press the windows button and r button on the keyboard, then type regsvr32 “path to the you extractedBBDeviceFileAccess.dll” with the quotes and everything should work now (when it asks you to download the update say cancel)

if you are having problems let me know, im still syncing the album art as of now. ill update this post once i can gaurentee it works 100%

Update: it works! 😀

Windows 7 First impressions

So i downloaded the beta of windows 7 just to try it out. My first impression is its much faster and more stable than vista. however ive only been using it for 15 mins. Even if it does end up being better than vista, im still switching to mac whenever i have the cash to buy a laptop. there have also been some visual changes such as the window tabs (if thats what its called). when vista first came out i thought it was amazing, why you might ask? because i was caught up in the glossy upgrade from xp, then i got past that and noticed it was the worst os ever created. so with windows 7 i’m going to be impressed with the glossy upgrades. if you have any questions just post them and ill answer