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Parallels 6 released

parallels 6 box

Today I received an email from Nova Development, the developer of my favorite virtualization software Parallels. Today they released version 6 of their software that promises 80 new and improved features. I have purchased the update, and plan on testing out their claims in a review. Let’s see if Parallels 6 is as good an update as 5 was. Hopefully 6 gets rid of the annoying dock icon problems that annoyed the hell out of me in version 5.

Below are the features noted in the email:

Over 80 New and Improved Features Including:
NEW – Take advantage of all your Mac’s power with an all NEW 64-bit engine
ENHANCED – Boot Windows 41% faster than Parallels Desktop 5
ENHANCED – 3D graphics are nearly 40% better than Parallels Desktop 5
ENHANCED – Run even more games and 3D applications with DirectX 9.0c/9Ex and Shader Model 3 support
ENHANCED – Install Windows XP, Vista or 7 in 3 clicks
NEW – Use OS X keyboard shortcuts in Windows applications
ENHANCED – Reduced CPU usage improves notebook battery life
NEW – Includes both Mac and Windows Anti-Virus software from Kaspersky
(90-day subscription)
NEW – Use Spotlight to search for Windows programs
NEW – Immerse yourself in games, music and videos with 5.1 Surround Sound
Plus – 90-day money back guarantee
And much, much more

Running Google Chromium OS inside Parallels 5

So Google has released a working version of Chromium Os. It is just in the begining phases of development so there’s not much there, and it’s quite slow. Nonetheless I wanted to try it. The way posted on the chromium site, is for Linux geeks, and since I’m not great with Linux, I found there was a way around that. There is a VMware image on gdgt.com, however I am running Parallels 5. I ran a Google search, and found a site that explained step by step how to get it running on Parallels 5. Click Here to visit the tutorial.

Finally here is a picture of me running Chromium OS in Parallels 5.

Click on image for larger size
Click on image for larger size