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Tesla Referral 2018 Unlocked Secret Level

So today I unlocked the secret level for the Roadster. I’m so excited, if you’re buying a Tesla Model S, or a Tesla Model X, please use my referral code (http://ts.la/ahmed4472). This will help me get a 2% discount per referral until I hopefully get a free roadster! However the discounts are unlocked in batches of 5. Below I’ll display how the previous screen and the secret Loot Box looks.



5 Tesla referrals 3 delivered 2 ordered
Tesla Secret Loot Box


Tesla Offers Autopilot Trial Periods

Tesla Autopilot Trial
Tesla Autopilot Trial


I was just randomly on Facebook, when I noticed one of the Tesla Owners posted a picture (above) that showed that Tesla now offers Trial Periods for Autopilot for owners that have the hardware, but have not paid for the software. This may seem like something small, however it’s huge. Traditional cars wouldn’t have this capability as you’d either have to drive the car in to the dealership to get the update flashed onto your car, or they don’t usually include hardware if you haven’t paid for it. This is such a clever way for Tesla to Upsell customers after the fact if they opted out, and creates easy revenue. It also reduces the amount of hardware configurations by having all cars standard with the hardware. This makes it much easier for customers to change their mind down the road. Every day there is something new that wows me about Tesla, and today this is it.

Abstract Ocean Ultra-Bright LED Interior Kit

One of the biggest annoyances of owning a Tesla Model S is the lighting in the Trunk and Frunk. Luckily Abstract Ocean has stepped in to help with their Ultra-Bright LED Interior Kit that replaces the stock LEDs. I got the 13 part kit that replaces the Frunk, Trunk, Footwell, Door undersides, and Glove Box. I’ve replaced all except the Glove Box and Door undersides as I need a mat to lay on, and the Glove Box one is hard to remove. I’ll do those later, but the most important ones (Trunk & Frunk) make a world of a difference. See my YouTube video and Pictures below for before and after comparisons.

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First Tesla Service Experience

Tesla Motors Logo











So I have had my first Tesla Service experience and I can say it was fantastic. I live within 16 KM (10 Miles) of the service center/store so I qualify for the pick up and drop off option. They came to pick up my car, and drop off a loaner until they fixed the issues with my car. I had minor issues of the sun roof leaking due to the seal not being tight (a frequent issue issue for summer 2015 cars according to the forums and the service center), Sun roof not opening on the first try, and some glue on the seal of the Frunk.

Michael showed up on time before work, had some paperwork for me to sign, gave me a P85+ and took my car. I thought it would be a few days until they fixed the car, but it was literally the same day after work that the work was completed. They offered to come drop off my car, but I wanted to drive the P85+ a little bit longer (I actually prefer my 70D over the P85+ though). So I just dropped off the loaner after work and that was that. I couldn’t be happier with the level of awesome service the employees at Tesla provide. Then the service manager walked me through what was done, so I have an understanding of what was found to be faulty, what they fixed, and how they fixed it. They removed the excess glue, they put lubricant on the sunroof tracks, and they sealed the sunroof leaks.

All of this was covered under Tesla’s can’t be beaten 8 year unlimited mileage drivetrain and 80,000km everything else warranty. Not a dime was paid.

Vicovation Marcus 3 Sample video

I posted a YouTube video of samples of the Vicovation Marcus 3 Dashcam and thought I’d share the raw files as well. Below is the YouTube video and the links to download the raw files.




Why all Tesla Model S owners should Dip their car

Photo 2015-07-02, 9 18 43 PM



I’ve had my Tesla Model S for a little over 2 months now. It’s the coolest thing on 4 wheels and with the TreadHunter rubber, it just melts everything. I’ve also Dipped (Plasti Dip) it. It made my car super unique and it get’s a lot of stares and garners a lot of conversation about the car. This is great for multiple reasons:

1. I get to meet interesting people.

2. I get to share the car with others.

3. I get to educate people about the car. (I don’t mean this in a derogatory manner)

4. Protects your paint.

5. Gives you a unique look.

The third reason is why I think everyone should Dip (or wrap if they fancy that) their Model S. Why, you ask? I’ve found that  most people think it’s just another nice fancy car like a Maserati, or an Aston Martin. I’ve also heard a lot of “Oh this is a Tesla? I’ve never seen one in person!”. My response is “You’ve probably see a lot, there’s many in Toronto, you just weren’t looking for one.”.

The majority of people don’t know the real value proposition of the Model S as most people I’ve talked to thought it was a hybrid, or just a normal car.The thing that gets them interested more in talking is when I pop the Frunk. Most people are in awe when I do that (and I admit I do it on purpose haha), others assume the engine is in the back like a Ferrari, or Lamborghini and that’s when I show them the practicality of two trunks. I’ve found that it’s been true before Tesla came a long that electric cars were a sacrifice, but no longer and I think it’s our job as owners to spread the word and Dipping my car has done that better than anything ever could as people come to you to start a conversation.

So if all Tesla owners dipped their cars, and made them stand out, this could lead to more interest and purchases. This might sound stupid, but that’s information I’ve gathered from my observations after I’ve dipped the car.

If you’re interested in buying a Tesla, please use my referral link:


More Pictures and Video of my Dip (Abyss Midnight Flip – Changes from Blue to Purple):

IMG_2691 IMG_2694 IMG_2697 IMG_2699 IMG_2701 IMG_2702 IMG_2704 IMG_2705 IMG_2707 IMG_2708 IMG_2710 IMG_6142 IMG_6143 IMG_6144

Photo 2015-07-02, 9 18 46 PM (1) Photo 2015-07-02, 9 18 46 PM Photo 2015-07-02, 9 18 43 PM (2) Photo 2015-07-02, 9 18 43 PM (1) Photo 2015-07-02, 8 28 13 PM Photo 2015-07-02, 8 28 13 PM (1)


Tesla Model S Vs. Chevrolet Volt (My Thoughts)

Tesla Volt

Since going green is one of my interests, when I read about a product or method that helps reduce the negative effects on our planet, I like to share that information with the rest of you. Most of the North American Media have been raving about the Chevrolet Volt and how it is a revelation in the automotive industry. While every effort to help the environment is great, it is clear that these reports are heavily biased. There are cars that are much greener than the Chevrolet Volt. The car that interests me is the Tesla Model S. You might have not even heard of Tesla, so let me introduce you to the brand.
Tesla Motors was created in 2oo3 in California to provide consumers electric cars. Their name is based on the great electrical genius Nikola Tesla. The cars they produce run entirely on batteries (yup that’s right no petrol tanks). There are several models, even a sports model (Tesla Roadster) that created a quite a buzz. The reason I like the Model S is because it makes everyday life greener since most people won’t go out of their way to be green. It achieves this by being more than twice as efficient as current hybrids. For those who don’t know petrol engines use more fuel when braking and accelerating, these inefficiencies are eliminated with the use of an Electric Motor. This is the main reason hybrids and electric cars offer better gas mileage. Especially in city mileage since stops and starts are frequent.
The estimated price of the Model S is currently starting at $50,000 (after a $7,500 tax rebate). The Model S can seat up to 7 passengers (5 adults, 2 Children). How’s that for practicality? The model S does not only help become more green, it also helps you keep the green in your pocket (depending on the color of the currency you use).  And if that is not enough, Technology enthusiasts will love the 17-inch screen with 3g connectivity.  The only trade off is the top speed of 120mph, however there’s not many places that you can legally drive at that speed. The 0-60mph time is a reasonable 5.6 seconds. However since it is electric torque is instant.
Last month, I was watching the news in California and saw a report on how the Chevrolet Volt was a breakthrough and how they” leapfrogged Toyota”. It was clear to me who was paying the news stations bills (Take a wild guess). The main selling point the news was portraying is that you can drive 40 miles before using petrol and that most Americans don’t drive more than 40 miles a day.  The figure seems low but even if you assume it is correct, the car will still end up using petrol.  With the Tesla you get 300 miles on one battery charge (using the highest range battery).
Another thing to consider is the charging time; the Volt takes 6 to 6.5 hours to charge while the Tesla charges in 3 to 5 hours (depending on the battery you use). The Tesla also has a 5 minute battery swap feature which is not available with the Volt (To my knowledge).
In performance the Tesla also is faster to 60mph where it takes 5.6 seconds and the Volt takes 8 to 8.5 seconds. Finally the Tesla has an AWD (All wheel Drive option) which the Volt does not. This is great for Canada and other places with varied terrain (snow or simple offroading).
To be fair in this comparison we should look at the overall costs. The Chevy Volt is estimated to cost in the high 30’s before the $7,500 rebate, which drive the price down to low 30’s. The Tesla is estimated to cost $50,000 including the same $7,500 tax rebate. However one must also take into consideration the costs of running the vehicle, not only the price tag. It costs $4 to fully charge the Model S according to Tesla (depending on your electricity costs). The Volt needs to charge a 16KWh battery on top of a 12 gallon fuel tank. You can do the math there based on how much you pay for electricity and petrol. So basically, while the Volt may seem less costly at first glance, if all factors are considered the Tesla is much less costly. (You can see a comparison of the costs of driving the Tesla roadster, Chevy Volt, and two different models of the Toyota Prius here)
The news was explaining how the bailout could lower the price of the Volt. With a car like the Model S underway, I feel the Volt is obsolete. The bailout money could go to companies like Tesla who are innovative and hard working. Imagine what the bailout money could do to reduce the costs for Tesla since they are still a startup company. However that won’t happen since it’s all about politics.