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Tesla Referral Code – Tesla Discount Code

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Tesla Offers Autopilot Trial Periods

Tesla Autopilot Trial
Tesla Autopilot Trial


I was just randomly on Facebook, when I noticed one of the Tesla Owners posted a picture (above) that showed that Tesla now offers Trial Periods for Autopilot for owners that have the hardware, but have not paid for the software. This may seem like something small, however it’s huge. Traditional cars wouldn’t have this capability as you’d either have to drive the car in to the dealership to get the update flashed onto your car, or they don’t usually include hardware if you haven’t paid for it. This is such a clever way for Tesla to Upsell customers after the fact if they opted out, and creates easy revenue. It also reduces the amount of hardware configurations by having all cars standard with the hardware. This makes it much easier for customers to change their mind down the road. Every day there is something new that wows me about Tesla, and today this is it.