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Top Gear Builds Snow Plow, Solves UK’s Winter Worries

Top Gear Snow Plow 1

On season 16 episode 5 of Top Gear UK Jeremy Clarkson (Jezza), Richard Hammond (Hamster), and James May (Captain Slow) decided to tackle the big problem that England faces now more often than never. I am talking of course of the very minuscule amount of snow they receive. In early February 2009 the snow ranged from 3.9 inches to 7.9 inches, which is nothing compared to what happens here in Canada or the US. From watching the news, I was able to understand that they have not invested enough money in snow removal. I can understand that, however when it happens two years in a row, and causes high financial losses, and travel disruptions can’t they justify it? It’s not only a matter of money, they probably are not trained well for this type of job. Here in Montreal I actually stand and watch the snow removal team, because to me it’s so interesting, they have it down to a science.

Top Gear Snow Plow 2

I’m glad to have seen this episode of Top Gear because it’s always interesting to see that others have a similar viewpoint on a situation. The lads converted a combine harvester into a snow plow. For the most part it did an excellent job in my opinion. The manufacturers could easily create a more reliable set of modifications (which would probably not cost much in research and development) which lets the harvesters double as snow plows. I found it really interesting that since these harvesters are not being used in the winter, it’s a great win/win situation. This means farmers can either rent out their harvesters or plow during the winter to make extra money (Every documentary or news piece I’ve seen including farmers always says how they struggle to not go bankrupt) and the government does not have to spend too much money on a solution. Why did it take a TV show to bring the concept to light instead of the government/BAA? Finally let me just say that it wouldn’t be Top Gear if they didn’t add some other bells and whistles and made themselves look like bumbling idiots. I love their humor, and while others just don’t get it, that makes it all the more funnier.

Top Gear Snow Plow 3Top Gear Snow Plow 4

Watch the episode below:


Windproof Umbrella – Senz Original

Sparking Silver Senz Original

I’ve had bad luck in the last couple of years with Umbrellas in Montreal (merde il pleut). The first double canopy umbrella I had was large, and worked great. I lost it at Mister Steer (which has amazing burgers by the way) and was devastated when I came back and it was taken. Next I bought a small umbrella on the go recently because it was raining a lot, only to lose it a couple of days later. Finally I bought one that has a feature that if the umbrella inverts it doesn’t break easily. However it is sort of broken after a really powerful storm rolled through town.

We are now getting more into the raining/snowing season, so I decided I need a new umbrella. After about five minutes of research on the net, I bought the Senz Original which can stand wind forces up to 100kph/70mph which pretty much makes it wind proof. According to the manufacturer it plays with the wind instead of fighting it. One really cool design point is the higher front which allows you to see in front of you. I can attest that’s an important feature to have in an umbrella since others almost always block your eyesight. So you can head on over to the manufacturer’s website to check the umbrella out (I bought mine on eBay) and watch the video of it in front of a wind tunnel below.

Update: I changed my order for the larger Senz XL.

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