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Chilling in Wesmount Park

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Today I felt like going to Westmount Park to do a bit of writing, and chill out in the beautiful weather. The weather was a bit chilly, but very sunny. A great start for the summer. Afterwards I went on a quest to find squirrels. I found one and got pretty close to it after a bit of trying.

The Phantom Legacy Movie Being Shot in Montreal

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This was the second day of shooting in Downtown Montreal, Its for the New Phantom Legacy Movie. They are portraying New York in the movie Because they had NYPD Cars (The Day before they had New York Yellow Cabs) and The Audi S6 had New York License Plates (RA0 7671).

P.S. for the people who don’t know why they don’t film in New York, it’s because it Costs much more to close a street in New York than it does in Toronto Or Montreal. A lot of films that are suppose to be portraying New York are actually shot in Toronto Or Montreal. Off the Top of my head I know Half baked (Starring Dave Chapelle Was shot on Yonge Street in Downtown Toronto (the scene with the dying horse)

Best Part of the Train ride from Toronto to Montreal

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This is the view of Lake Ontario From the via rail train going from Toronto to Montreal on Sunday May 17th 2009. The lake is beautiful, but the weather made it even more special. For me this is the best part of the train ride!

Tamil Toronto Protest May 13th 2009

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A protest on May 13th 2009 for the violence happening in Sri Lanka. This was shot on Dundas and Yonge Street in Downtown Toronto. I Truly hate people killing others for any reason. I did not know about what is happening until recently, so this is my way of helping out by spreading awareness. I am not siding with anyone as I have the faintest clue about what is actually happening, however I do know that it needs to stop EVERYWHERE in the world!

Burning Uhaul Truck Montreal

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On our way to Toronto we saw this. Before I had a chance to start recording sparks erupted from the truck. I think someone burnt it for insurance. Anyways it’s not everyday you see a burning car. When we passed it we could feel the Heat, it was pretty intense!

Best Pizza in Montreal – Danny’s Pizza

If you are ever in Montreal, and want to eat the best pizza in town head on over to Danny’s Pizza on Rue De la Montage & St.Catherine. When I say the best pizza in Montreal, I’m solely speaking about the Spinach Garlic Pizza it’s their best seller! At first Danny’s pizza might be a place you just pass by, but once you know about the Spinach pizza you will visit frequently. Each Slice is $2.50 after taxes. Make sure you get the extra (free) chili, oil, and Parmesan cheese to top it off.

This is a slice of the famous Spinach Pizza
This is a slice of the famous Spinach Pizza