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Best Part of the Train ride from Toronto to Montreal

This is the view of Lake Ontario From the via rail train going from Toronto to Montreal on Sunday May 17th 2009. The lake is beautiful, but the weather made it even more special. For me this is the best part of the train ride!

Hispanic? Music in Rue St.Cathrine Montreal

I saw this on Feb 15 2009 On St.Cathrine Street, I really enjoyed the music and the atmosphere they created, anyone know what the name of the song or beat they are playing? Which this happened more often!

Concordia University OpenSearch Plugin (Created by Me, Ahmed Karam)

Hey everyone, I just got my new laptop and one of the first things i like to do is personalize Firefox (best internet browser) and as you all know i go to Concordia University In Montreal, Quebec. So I created an Open Search plugin for Firefox (ok fine it works on internet explorer 7 as well) which allows you to search the Concordia Site from within Firefox (or ie7) without opening the Concordia site. You can download it here