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Photo of the day – Windows 7 puzzle completed!

Windows 7 Puzzle
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Today I finally got around to starting and completing the Windows 7 turtle puzzle. This puzzle came with the Windows 7 house party pack that I received back in late 2009. It was fun, and makes me think I should take up puzzles as a hobby!

Yes, I realize that might sound stupid, but it’s a great activity.

Ps. Thank you Microsoft!

Samurai Sudoku

I was on the train from Toronto to Montreal today and I remembered that the magazine usually has this funky Sudoku that has 5 games intertwined into one. I had emailed my dad one before because he loves sudoku. So I opened the magazine and found it, and then found another older magazine with another one. So here are two Samurai Sudoku Puzzles for you to solve. (Thanks Viarail Canada)

Right Click Save Target as to download these files (.PNG image files)

Samurai Sudoku 1 (548) Samurai Sudoku 2 (572)