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Pedal for Kids

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Today I was doing a bit of shopping when I saw police closing streets, I knew something was going on. I took out my camera and started to record. It turned out to be the Pedal for Kids (Pedalez pour les enfants in French) Charity Bike run. They donate money to sick kids in the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Check out the website here (today was the last day of the run)

Photo of the day – Rainbow Sorbet

Today I cut my hair, went shopping, and had a nice vegetarian pizza, so after a long day of walking/biking around I came home for a nice bowl of Rainbow Sorbet! For those who don’t know the difference between Sorbet and Ice Cream, Sorbet doesn’t have milk. I feel it tastes much better than Ice Cream. It is also known for helping in digestion. You can check out the Wiki on sorbet Here.

Best Pizza in Montreal – Danny’s Pizza

If you are ever in Montreal, and want to eat the best pizza in town head on over to Danny’s Pizza on Rue De la Montage & St.Catherine. When I say the best pizza in Montreal, I’m solely speaking about the Spinach Garlic Pizza it’s their best seller! At first Danny’s pizza might be a place you just pass by, but once you know about the Spinach pizza you will visit frequently. Each Slice is $2.50 after taxes. Make sure you get the extra (free) chili, oil, and Parmesan cheese to top it off.

This is a slice of the famous Spinach Pizza
This is a slice of the famous Spinach Pizza

My Ideal Place to Eat!

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Michael knew I would like this place, when he took me there it was as if I was in Heaven! This place has all the food I love, for $10. It’s All you can eat Salad, Pasta, Ice cream, Soup, Muffins, Bread, Garlic Bread, Pizza, Biscuits. At the end the owner or manager of the store told me to stop recording, so i did, good thing she didn’t make me delete the video. She probably thought i was doing this for competitive reasons? who knows, on the way out i took a muffin in my hand, and she followed me out. She thought i was sketchy after the camera incident.