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How to fix blank WordPress pages

I’ve been having a problem for a while where on the admin side of wordpress where it would display a blank page (eg. plugin page, auto upgrading wordpress or plugins). I finally figured out that it was a memory limit problem. To fix this I increased the php memory limit. There are a couple of ways to do this.

1.Edit the php.ini File:

Just edit the file in a text editor and search for the memory_limit if you can not find it add it without the quotes

“memory_limit = 64M” (here i increased mine from 32 megabytes to 64 megabytes in order to fix the problem I was having)

2.Editing the .htaccess File:

add “php_value memory_limit 64M" to your .htaccess file.

(Note: .htaccess is a unix based hidden file and might not show up, make sure you can view hidden files. In general any filename starting with a period "." is a hidden file on a unix based system so this applies to Mac OS X as well)

Making the web a better place!

Hey guys, in the last couple of weeks, I have noticed a couple of ip addresses trying to hack my website. I searched the net however I could not come up with anything (if you know anythina about these reqeusts posted below please comment). All these request have the form of some poll php script (I’m assuming its an exploit in this script) and ends with id1.txt. Continue reading Making the web a better place!