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Sun Life Financial Paperless Statements and Direct Deposits

Sun Life Financial Logo

Usually when companies claim they have setup a paperless statements to help save the environment I usually think it’s a great idea, however it somehow fails. Some companies still keep sending paper statements even after you’ve signed up to paperless statements, and others complicate the process when dealing with them as a result. However I do it anyways because I try my hardest to be green.

As an international student in Montreal, I must receive health insurance as it is not provided to me by the Canadian Government. My University’s provider is Sun Life Financial. Over the years Sun Life has been great to deal with. I’ve only had one problem with them over the last four years, and I’m pretty sure it was only circumstantial.

Now back to the paperless statements and direct deposits. Before I signed up I would have to waste money on stamps and envelopes, and time waiting for the claim to be processed. Now all I do is after I have been treated (I have been going to physiotherapy lately) is sign in to the portal online, type in some details, and that’s all. I usually get an email within a day or two (sometimes even within the hour) that my claim has been processed, and the money will be directly deposited within a few days. This considerably reduce the time it takes for the entire process, makes it easier, and less of a hassle. I could see how this could be a big problem for an insurance company as people might try to fraud them (which they can investigate), however they still did it anyways, which makes me truly believe that Sun Life is sincere. I would just like to congratulate Sun Life and its employees on offering such great services and being a company that cares. They should be a corporate role model for other companies!