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iOS 4 Folders are smart!

iOS 4 Folders

After using iOS 4 for a while I decided to make my home screen take up less pages. To do this I had to take advantage of the new Folders feature released in this version of iOS. To make a folder you simply hold your finger over one icon and when they start to wiggle just drop it on top of another icon. Each folder supports 12 icons inside and you can have multiple folders with the same name (I have two games folders). However this is not the clever part that amazed me. When you make a folder the iPhone pre-labels the folder to the applications’ category. I’m assuming it gets this data from the App Store. I kept trying to make it not match all applications in the folder and after four or five tries I succeeded as you can see in the image below. Organization is hard thing, yet Apple trumps at it.

iOS 4 Folders incorrect

App of the day – EpNamer for Mac OS X

EpNamer OS X

A couple of days ago I was just visiting the site of EpNamer to see if there was any update, and found that there is a Mac OS X Version. For those that don’t know what EpNamer does, it renames episodes of tv shows that you have downloaded. the cool thing is that you can set it to your preferred settings. I always like my episodes to be named like so “Show name S01E01 – Episode Name”. It automatically retrieves the information needed to rename files and saves you a lot of time in return. This port from windows needs you to have Mono framework installed. I guess its similar to Cross over, because when the program is launched it looks like a native windows application. I really wish the program developer would consider making a native cocoa application it would be nice, but as of now beggars can’t be choosers.

You can download EpNamer Here

Also you will need the Mono Frame work

Get organized with Google Calendar

In the last couple of days I’ve been trying to improve my productivity. I’m productive, but there’s always room for improvement right? Well here’s a nifty thing I started doing. I use google calendar to input all my important dates for school and my personal life. On my blackberry I installed the google sync Application so whenever I make a change on google calendar, or on my phone it’s updated everywhere. This has actually helped me become more efficient. I also entered my cell number into google calendar and it sends me an sms reminder at a predetermined time before my appointment. All that is missing now is to sync it with my macbook pro once I get it. To do that I will use Spanning Sync which is known to be great when syncing google calendar and iCal.