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Surface Pro 2 Wireless Fix

Surface Pro 2 Wifi Woes






Have you just bought a Surface Pro 2, plugged it in, ran Windows Update and restarted only to find your Wireless driver has been uninstalled? Well I just found this out while updating a client’s Surface Pro 2. I tried getting the driver pack for the Surface Pro 2, and randomly found a February Firmware Update and driver pack from Microsoft, which you have to install manually for each driver. Anyways, the Pro 2 Wireless driver didn’t work, however the Pro 1 Driver did. I will link to all files so you can easily find them all and see what works for you. However I have found that the Pro 1 Wireless drivers are the only ones that actually worked for me on the Pro 2, go figure…

If you need help installing them, feel free to comment, and I’ll try to help out.

Surface Pro 2 Wireless Drivers Windows 8.1 (1888)

Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 February 2014 Firmware and Driver Pack for Windows 8 & 8.1

Photo of the day – Windows 7 puzzle completed!

Windows 7 Puzzle
Click on picture for full size

Today I finally got around to starting and completing the Windows 7 turtle puzzle. This puzzle came with the Windows 7 house party pack that I received back in late 2009. It was fun, and makes me think I should take up puzzles as a hobby!

Yes, I realize that might sound stupid, but it’s a great activity.

Ps. Thank you Microsoft!