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Disable Google Chrome’s Now Notifications (New Version)

If Google’s Chrome notifications have been annoying you like everyone else you’ve probably disabled them. But after a recent update they have come back for me, and the Enable Rich Notifications option is no longer there.  They have just renamed the feature. This is an updated tutorial on how to disable the Google Now Notifications inside Chrome.

1. Open Chrome and type Chrome://flags

2. Press CTRL+F and search for Enabled Synced Notifications and Enable Google Now notifications support.

3. Change the setting from Default to Disabled.

4. Close Chrome and open it again.

Disable Google now notifications

Skype 5 Beta hits OS X

Skype Icon High Resolution

When Skype 5 Beta hit Windows, I was really upset that it didn’t hit OS X. The reason for that was the video conferencing, which is a really cool feature. Today thanks to my friend Michael, I learned that it has finally made its way over to my favorite Operating System. The startup screen and the main application window look much better! Finally Skype users on Mac OS X can rejoice as Skype has a long history of taking its sweet time with Mac OS X and Linux releases. Anyways you can download the beta here!

Running Google Chromium OS inside Parallels 5

So Google has released a working version of Chromium Os. It is just in the begining phases of development so there’s not much there, and it’s quite slow. Nonetheless I wanted to try it. The way posted on the chromium site, is for Linux geeks, and since I’m not great with Linux, I found there was a way around that. There is a VMware image on gdgt.com, however I am running Parallels 5. I ran a Google search, and found a site that explained step by step how to get it running on Parallels 5. Click Here to visit the tutorial.

Finally here is a picture of me running Chromium OS in Parallels 5.

Click on image for larger size
Click on image for larger size