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iOS 4.2.1 released today

iOS 4.2 Update iTunes

Finally it has been released for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad alike. You can get it form iTunes. No word yet on jailbreaking, although, it was reported that the Geohot’s exploit was working up to 4.2 beta 3. As of now I am updating my iPhone 4 and will report back if limera1n is working with final release of 4.2.1.

Update: I’m not sure why it says 4.2 on the update, and is actually 4.2.1. Way to confuse people Apple.

Below you can see the changelog, my favorite feature is the ability to find text in safari!

iOS 4.2 changelog

iOS 4.2 changelog 3

iTunes 10.1 released

iTunes 10.1 Software Update

Hot on the heels of 10.6.5 iTunes 10.1 has been released today. It was rumored on the interwebs that this update along with the iOS 4.2 (which has not been released yet) would hit the web shortly after  10.6.5. Soon all iPad owners will be rejoice as they can then multitask!

As described in the picture above, this update to iTunes lets you stream video using Airplay on the new (black) Apple TV, sync with iOS devices running 4.2, and bug fixes. I predict 4.2 will be released this weekend or on Monday maximum since it has already been in Golden Master for a while now.

limera1n jailbreaks iOS 4.1


Today Geohot released his latest jailbreak which releases most iDevices into freedom land. It will jailbreak iPhone 3GS (Old bootrom only at this point) , iPod Touch 3G, iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G on iOS 4.0, 4.1 and claims also to jailbreak future official releases. According to Engadget, this release has angered the Dev team. After reading the story I do understand why, however it’s still funny that there is jailbreak politics. At this point it is windows only, so either fire up Bootcamp/Parallels/vmware fusion/VirtualBox or use a pc. It uses the same way to jailbreak as back in the day by holding the power and home button to enter DFU mode. Anyways I already jailbroke my iphone 4 running 4.1. At this point the only complaints I have were that initially limera1n and Cydia had white icons, but after updating Cydia everything is back to normal. Now I can reinstall my paid applications in Cydia! Below is the link to the limera1n website.

Update: I saw a user that landed on my site from google searching on how to use Cydia on iOS4.1 after installing limera1n. I’m assuming (s)he couldn’t figure out how to install Cydia. To install Cydia after you jailbreak, open up limera1n and tap on Cydia, then tap the Install button on the top right of the screen.


App of the day – Speed Test

We all use a speed test utility from time to time, to diagnose connectivity problems. I always use speedtest.net. They have had an iPhone app for a while now, but today they updated it to 2.0.1. Along with some tweaks to get it to work better with all iDevices including the iPhone 4, They have revamped the entire interface, making it retina display worthy. Actually I think this is the best looking app so far on the retina display. If you have an iPhone 4 and want to see a great graphical interface, and also want to be able to test your internet connection out, the app is free on the app store.

Speedtest Main Screen

Speedtest Test in Progress

iPhone 4.0.1 and iPad 3.2.1 updates now live

iPhone 4.0.1 Update

As usual thanks to Engadget I am now aware that the iPhone 4.0.1 and the iPad 3.2.1 updates are available through iTunes. These updates don’t do much, just fix the formulas for displaying signal level, however a lot of my friends have been having problems with 4.0 so maybe this will fix things. If you haven’t upgraded already connect your iPhone/iPad to iTunes and click on the Check for update button. I guess they released this just in time for tomorrow’s press conference!

How to unlock a Bell 2Wire 2701HG-G Modem/Router

Today I helped my friend unlock his Bell 2Wire 2701HG-G Modem/Router. We were not doing it to unlock it per say, but we wanted to update his router to a newer firmware to hopefully resolve a wifi disconnection issue with his iPad. I stumbled upon some forums that lead me to a file. We updated the modem, which cleared his Bell settings (something I knew would happen from experience!). So after a long time of scrolling through pages of forums, and trying to figure stuff out, with the help of the forum I figured it out on my own.

Firstly before I get to the good stuff (skip this part and go to the bottom if you just want to unlock the 2Wire 2701HG-G) let me warn you to never get a branded modem/router. Why you might ask? Well because of the fact that they are branded some features might be stripped and getting those features back, or a decent web interface might be difficult if not impossible. Secondly they barely release updates, and when they do, you can’t get access to the files your self. I would rather input all these settings into a D-Link/Linksys router or this Buffalo router that is on my wish list.

So first of all you will need to flash the Modem/Router with a newer firmware. This firmware is for another ISP called Singtel. Don’t worry it should work fine as I have used it on a Bell connection. The main problem was once we updated the firmware, and wanted to input the Bell username and password it kept inputting @Singtel.com to the end of the username no matter what we did. Finally I found out that we had to use a key code to remedy that (See this is what I was talking about earlier in the post! I have never used a key code on a router, I feel this is a very stupid idea or “feature” if you want to call it that). So follow the steps below and you should be able to get your router working with the Singtel firmware.

Before Updating your Modem/Router please make sure you have your username and password written down, or call Bell to get them, as they will be erased when the firmware is flashed.

Unlocking the Bell 2Wire 2701HG-G

1. Download the Singtel firmware (Rapidshare)

2. Access your router’s firmware update page, I have listed all the possible web portal addresses that I have encountered, one of them SHOULD work for you. (http://gateway.2wire.net/tech/upgrade.html | |

3. Select the Singtel 2sp file which you downloaded from above and click Update. (You should only do this through a wired connection and not wireless.)

4. Hopefully after a successful flash access the router’s Setup page ( | | http://gateway.2wire.net/setup)

5.Enter this Key Code (5225-26P4-6262-22AS-B2E7) and click Advanced, now continue with the setup, and it will not append the @Singtel.com to the end of your B1 username. This is the only Key Code that worked for me as the others would fail even if we had the correct username/password combination. If this Key Code does not work for you check out all the rest of the Key Codes at the 2Wire website.

That is all, your Modem/Router should now connect to bell. The reason I wrote this tutorial, was because I saw that the information was scattered all over the forums, with a bit of correct information everywhere, and not all in one place. If I have made a mistake please point it out so I can fix this. Also I would hope that Bell and other ISPs find this post, and see how much users are frustrated with their branded hardware. Hopefully they will start using less restricted, and user changeable hardware/software. While it might be easier in the short run, I find that in the long run it is more costly, more annoying, and more problematic since there are such few firmware updates. Enjoy your unlocked/updated Modem/Router.

Ps. So far my friend’s iPad is working without a problem. Hopefully it stays that way.

WinX HD Video Converter for Mac Giveaway

WinX HD Video Converter for Mac Icon

Today was the third Sunday of June, which means it was father’s day around the world. I made sure to contact my father and wish him a happy father’s day and let him know that he is appreciated. Sophia from WinX contacted me again and let me know that they are promoting their new converter software by giving it away on father’s day. Just by looking at the specs, this video converter can just about convert any file (it even supports Blu-ray .mts, m2ts files) to any output including preconfigured outputs for media devices (iPhone, iPad, Sony PS3,  Xbox 360, Zune HD, Blackberry, etc). It has the a similar interface as their other software, so if you have used any of their software it should be familiar. I think the Icon is really snazzy and reflects well with OS X’s great icon design. I would suggest that the interface be made more Mac like as reminds me of boilsoft applications on Windows. I know this application will come in handy because I do a lot of converting, especially when devices don’t support specific HD containers such as MKV.

To take advantage of this offer (which ends July 1, 2010) Visit the WinX HD Video Converter for Mac Giveaway page.

WinX HD Video Converter for Mac Screenshot
Click on image for full size