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Photo of the day – Electronics Recycling at Futureshop

Electronics recycling

Today I took my Creative Nomad Jukebox to futureshop to get it recycled. Why? Because it’s not worth much anymore and I don’t want it to end up in a landfill one day. From now on any electronic that I want to dispose of will go to get recycled. Futureshop has this service at all store I think and it is free. So next time you want to throw away a gadget save it until you go to futureshop to save the planet! (Best buy and other major retailers should have the same type of program, Ask around and help save the planet!!)

Birthday Giftcard

So I just got to see some friends that I have not seen in about a week or two, and they had got me a birthday present! It was a gift certificate for futureshop, but seeing how I already bought a hard drive from there, what do you think I should from futureshop? I’m thinking I can keep it until next month when I hopefully buy my macbook and just have it deducted from the overall price! Nevermind I just thought about it, and I can already get $100 off from apple for the educational discount, so that would just be waisting the gift certificate!