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Photo of the day – Rue UniversitY

Rue UniversitYOn the way back from Tam Tam park today I stumbled upon this little gem. You might not think anything is interesting about this picture, but then I would say you don’t have a keen eye. Being that Montreal is in Quebec (a French speaking Province), all Official texts are in French, so it’s Rue Universit√©. Ok so what you might ask? Well I’ve seen this before type of Englishization/Jokery¬† being done before on Rue Crescent, and I always enjoy a good joke.

Arbitrary happy work day!

Tonight my friend wanted to surprise our other friend when he woke up to go to work. We made it an arbitrary celebration in his bathroom with balloons and multiple signs. I hope it makes his day, and makes him laugh. I love stuff that makes you laugh because it has no purpose or does not make sense. While every culture has their own funny arbitrary shenanigans, I assure you that Americans trump any other country. That is one of the reasons I love Americans. If you are wondering, yes this arbitrary celebration was planned and executed by an American!

Check out the pictures from our celebration! (click on the images for Full Size)
Have a great day at work Samer!

Everyday of your life should feel like a party!Balloons!

Jeremy Clarkson makes fun of the iPhone 4 antenna problem

After reading about the iPhone 4 antenna problem, I’m glad I don’t have plans (as of yet) to purchase one. Today I was watching Top Gear (the most watched tv show in the world FYI), when Jeremy Clarkson made fun of the issue while introducing The Stig. I felt it was really funny, and well worth sharing! One of the main reasons I watch Top Gear is because of Mr. Clarkson’s Humor!