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Upek Protector Suite 2009 Review

Today I had a nice email conversation with a nice gentleman at Upek, they requested that I remove the download of the 5.8.2 protector suite application and driver. They explained that it was because some users have to pay for this update. I gladly removed it as it is their property and was offered the chance to try their 2009 (version 5.9) for a test spin.

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Concordia Opensearch Plugin Updated

Well, as some of you might have noticed the Concordia Site has been updated, so I have updated my Opensearch plugin (which you can use with firefox or Internet Explorer 7, However i reccomend Firefox as always) this plugin will make searching the concordia.ca website much easier by just having it in the browser so you dont have to go to concordia.ca to search you can search anytime!

Click Here (and then click on Concordia.ca)

Concordia University OpenSearch Plugin (Created by Me, Ahmed Karam)

Hey everyone, I just got my new laptop and one of the first things i like to do is personalize Firefox (best internet browser) and as you all know i go to Concordia University In Montreal, Quebec. So I created an Open Search plugin for Firefox (ok fine it works on internet explorer 7 as well) which allows you to search the Concordia Site from within Firefox (or ie7) without opening the Concordia site. You can download it here