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Avoid long distance charges with skype

For a while now I have been avoiding long distance charges from Rogers, Fido by using skype. In the states I think there are no long distance for calling another number in the states. However there are for calling Canada and other countries. This tutorial will teach you how to escape these fees by using skype to call numbers in the US, Canada and other countries. Firstly you have to be located in the US or Canada (Trace IP).

1. Go to Skype Subscriptions and buy whichever subscription is appropriate for you.

2.If you want the caller id to display your cellphone number Set it up in Skype Settings

3.To use this on your cellphone you will need a data plan or wifi(does not use much data though). Download iSkoot(Blackberry,Nokia, Windows Mobile) or Fring for iPhone

4. Setup your phone with your skype account, and your number.

5.Whenever you want to make a long distance call, just open the skype application you chose on your phone and dial it from there and save money!