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Windproof Umbrella – Senz Original

Sparking Silver Senz Original

I’ve had bad luck in the last couple of years with Umbrellas in Montreal (merde il pleut). The first double canopy umbrella I had was large, and worked great. I lost it at Mister Steer (which has amazing burgers by the way) and was devastated when I came back and it was taken. Next I bought a small umbrella on the go recently because it was raining a lot, only to lose it a couple of days later. Finally I bought one that has a feature that if the umbrella inverts it doesn’t break easily. However it is sort of broken after a really powerful storm rolled through town.

We are now getting more into the raining/snowing season, so I decided I need a new umbrella. After about five minutes of research on the net, I bought the Senz Original which can stand wind forces up to 100kph/70mph which pretty much makes it wind proof. According to the manufacturer it plays with the wind instead of fighting it. One really cool design point is the higher front which allows you to see in front of you. I can attest that’s an important feature to have in an umbrella since others almost always block your eyesight. So you can head on over to the manufacturer’s website to check the umbrella out (I bought mine on eBay) and watch the video of it in front of a wind tunnel below.

Update: I changed my order for the larger Senz XL.

Ps. I still really hate Internet Explorer, the backend of wordpress looks so squareish compared to Chrome, Firefox, and just about every other browser.

How to buy the cheapest factory unlocked iPhone 3GS from eBay

White 32gb factory unlocked iPhone 3GS

Today I finally took a plunge and bought a white 32gb factory unlocked iPhone 3GS from eBay. However after I found many auctions and wanted to get the best price since I was about to spend $1,000 CAD. I noticed a couple of the Australian and Hong Kong sellers said to check out their auctions which were listed on their country’s respective eBay site. They claimed that eBay US was charging more fees, and in turn that’s why it was more expensive on the US site. Their claims are true. However I took their advice and took it a bit further to get my cheaper iPhone. I went on both eBay.com.hk and eBay.com.au and searched there (on eBay Hong Kong click on the English beta icon on the right hand side of the bar at the top). I don’t know why some eBay listings never trickle through to other eBay sites, since you can still view them through any eBay site if you just search for the auction number. However I found the cheapest one at the time on eBay Hong Kong. I saved about $20-$30 from the Australian counterpart. The Seller has 100% feedback and all buyers are extremely happy with his practices. In case you can not find his auctions here is one of the auction numbers, you can just paste it in the search bar in any eBay site and it will take you straight to it. Please note this is for the 32gb factory unlocked iPhone 3GS. The seller always has black in stock, but you must contact him for white. eBay Auction ID: 260474046905