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Fix for FirstClass Mac OS X case sensitive bug

When I updated my Mac Pro to Snow Leopard, I selected the case sensitive filesystem. I could not install Adobe CS because it requires a non case sensitive file system. I was really annoyed by that but I’m sure Adobe has their reasons. I also found that the client my University uses for email (FirstClass) would not work. At first I did not think it was because of the case sensitive issue. Today I found out after tinkering around that it was indeed because of this. I figured out that you must edit the home.fc file in “/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/firstclass/settings/”. To edit it just open the file in TextEdit, or any text editing program you use, and on line 10 just edit the file extension from .FCP to fcp. Make sure to do this before you save your username and password, because the contents of the file will change and it will then be on line 2401. I am going to contact FirstClass and let them know about it hopefully they will fix this minor bug.