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Suave HD iPhone theme

Suave HD

Suave HD Battery Screen

Sauve HD SBSettings

I found this great iPhone theme thanks to my friend Andrew! It is made to work with the retina display, so it is very sharp. It’s is also one of the classiest themes I have seen. It reminds me of the realize theme. The cool thing is the creators of the theme as well as others online are creating more and more icons to try to accommodate for people’s different application usage. Head on over to the official site to download the themes as well as extras. I recommend you also install the Battery screen and SBSettings if you use that. They also have alternative icon packages for a lot of apps if the default one is not to your liking.

Suave HD Official site

1.To install the theme download “Themes+Icons” on the bottom of the page.

2.Extract (on macs you can not use Archive utility at this time because it does not read the zip file correctly and will result in an error).

3. SSH into your iPhone (if you don’t know how to do that you can follow these directions: Windows|OS X) I would also recommend you change the default password which is alpine. To do that SSH into your iphone using Terminal and type passwd, it will prompt you for your current password, alpine, then ask you for a new password.

4.Copy the Suave HD.theme folder to “/Library/Themes/”

5.Launch Winterboard and select the Suave HD theme. The battery screen folder also goes into this folder. However the SBSettings theme goes into “/var/mobile/Library/SBSettings/Themes” and has to be activated by running SBSettings, clicking on more, going into SBSettings Theme and selecting “iSuave”

How to get your free iPhone 4 Case/Bumper

So as we all know apple announced it would give away free iPhone 4 cases/bumpers to help those affected by the antennagate. While I haven’t had any real problem with holding the iPhone 4 using the death grip, it’s still nice to get a free bumper out of it. I choose the black bumper as you can see below. I could not find the app in the Canadian Appstore, so I thought I would share how to get the app.

1.First open this link

2.Click on the View in iTunes button

View in iTunes

3.Click on the Free App button in iTunes. This will download the application to your computer.

Free App button

4.Once the application has downloaded, connect your phone and sync it, make sure you have Sync Apps check mark activated in the Apps tab in your iPhone page inside iTunes.

Sync Apps checkmark

5.Open the application on your iPhone, and click Get Started.

Get Started

6.Login with your iTunes account information.

iTunes Sign in

7.Choose the case you like and click Select. (I picked the bumper FYI)

8.Make sure your address information is up-to-date and click place order, you will then be greeted with this Thank You page. That’s it you should now have a case/bumper on its way to you.

Thank You.