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App of the day – Speed Test

We all use a speed test utility from time to time, to diagnose connectivity problems. I always use speedtest.net. They have had an iPhone app for a while now, but today they updated it to 2.0.1. Along with some tweaks to get it to work better with all iDevices including the iPhone 4, They have revamped the entire interface, making it retina display worthy. Actually I think this is the best looking app so far on the retina display. If you have an iPhone 4 and want to see a great graphical interface, and also want to be able to test your internet connection out, the app is free on the app store.

Speedtest Main Screen

Speedtest Test in Progress

App of the day – Scanner 911


I have not bought an app from the App Store in a while, so a couple of days ago I felt like looking at what new apps were available. I found Scanner 911 in the most popular apps, and read the description. What does it do? It lets you listen in on Police, Fire, and EMS radio channels in USA and Canada. It only costs 99 cents and is quite entertaining and impressive. You can purchase it on the iTunes App Store.

App of the day – EpNamer for Mac OS X

EpNamer OS X

A couple of days ago I was just visiting the site of EpNamer to see if there was any update, and found that there is a Mac OS X Version. For those that don’t know what EpNamer does, it renames episodes of tv shows that you have downloaded. the cool thing is that you can set it to your preferred settings. I always like my episodes to be named like so “Show name S01E01 – Episode Name”. It automatically retrieves the information needed to rename files and saves you a lot of time in return. This port from windows needs you to have Mono framework installed. I guess its similar to Cross over, because when the program is launched it looks like a native windows application. I really wish the program developer would consider making a native cocoa application it would be nice, but as of now beggars can’t be choosers.

You can download EpNamer Here

Also you will need the Mono Frame work

App of the day – RBC Finder


Today I started another segment called App of the day, it is similar to my photo of the day. However it is of an iPhone or computer application. Today the app of the day is RBC Finder. This iPhone app uses GPS technology in the iPhone to locate the nearest RBC ATM. The result is more money in your pocket instead of being charged Interac and bank fees. There are versions for other large banking institutions in Canada (eg. BMO FInder). With this app I have found ATMs in places I never would have thought, and save money. Remember every penny counts!