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Apple announces FaceTime for Mac

FaceTime Mac OS X

Today at the Back to the Mac event Apple introduced a couple of new things, one of them being Facetime for Mac OS X. This means you can now use your Mac to make free phone calls to iPhone 4, iPod touch, and other Mac users. I find this really cool, it is a step up from skype, and is free anywhere in the world. You can download the beta today, and start using it.

I just tried it and it’s pretty cool, looks like they just ported it from the iPhone 4/iPod Touch and just made some modifications to the interface. One thing that I found annoying is that you can’t just type in a number or email you want to FaceTime with, it has to be in your address book, or in your recents tab. Other than that it works well! You do have to sign up for an account, if you don’t already have an Apple Id.

New iPod Shuffle

Apple just released a new iPod Shuffle! It has new features, such as voice over which says the song title, artist name, and even the current playlist name. It’s Much smaller than the previous shuffle and comes in two colors, silver and black. Its now packing 4gb which is double the previous shuffle and is about half the size.
Heres a picture of the new iPod Shuffle: