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Help a friend – Change an folder icon in OS X Leopard

Today My friend nader asked how to change an icon for a folder in leopard. I had actually looked this one up a couple of days ago when I first bought my mac. You can Watch the video Below Or Follow the Steps Below.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="576" height="324" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]

1. Have the icon that you want to change the folder to ready.

2. Right click on the icon you want to apply to the folder and click get info (or just highlight the file, and press cmd+I)

3. Left Click on the icon in the top left then press cmd+C

4. Open the get info dialog for the folder or file you want to change the icon for.

5. Left Click on the icon in the top left then press cmd+V

6. Close the Get info dialog.

Avoid long distance charges with skype

For a while now I have been avoiding long distance charges from Rogers, Fido by using skype. In the states I think there are no long distance for calling another number in the states. However there are for calling Canada and other countries. This tutorial will teach you how to escape these fees by using skype to call numbers in the US, Canada and other countries. Firstly you have to be located in the US or Canada (Trace IP).

1. Go to Skype Subscriptions and buy whichever subscription is appropriate for you.

2.If you want the caller id to display your cellphone number Set it up in Skype Settings

3.To use this on your cellphone you will need a data plan or wifi(does not use much data though). Download iSkoot(Blackberry,Nokia, Windows Mobile) or Fring for iPhone

4. Setup your phone with your skype account, and your number.

5.Whenever you want to make a long distance call, just open the skype application you chose on your phone and dial it from there and save money!

Seo Tips for WordPress

So in the last couple of weeks, I took the decision to improve my site drastically. By doing so I have started to attract more visitors to my blog and increase traffic, Google Adsense revenue, and most important the quality of my posts. Continue reading Seo Tips for WordPress

Blackberry Media Sync on Windows 7

A lot of programs won’t install or run properly on windows 7 yet, and not many developers have cared since it’s still in beta and If you’ve tried to use blackberry media sync on windows 7 and failed i have found a way to work it. I was always getting an error when trying to install it. so here’s a work around that should get you using the program quickly.
1. once you have the file downloaded Extract its contents using winrar (the exe is just a zip file)
2. press the windows button and r button on the keyboard, type in “cmd” without the quotes and press enter
3. navigate to where the folder to the folder you extracted
4. Rename the msi file to a.msi for ease of use in the next step
4. type “msiexec /a a.msi” without the quotes and press enter
5. now a window will pop up and extract the files you need just select where you want to extract them
6. press the windows button and r button on the keyboard, then type regsvr32 “path to the you extractedBBDeviceFileAccess.dll” with the quotes and everything should work now (when it asks you to download the update say cancel)

if you are having problems let me know, im still syncing the album art as of now. ill update this post once i can gaurentee it works 100%

Update: it works! 😀

Blackberry Unlock using mml

Here is the torrent file also if you have any questions ask here and I’ll try to reply asap!

This is including the storm and javelin! Sorry as of now the storm and javelin are not included if i figure out a way i will post! Continue reading Blackberry Unlock using mml