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Missing Text in Sent Items Outlook 2003

Internet Explorer 11

If you’re running outlook 2003 and Windows 7 you might have noticed that some of your sent items are missing text. Don’t worry you’re not alone or going crazy. It’s a known issue that I found while helping out a client, and it’s been reported on spiceworks. The culprit is Internet Explorer 11. You can just uninstall it and the issue will be resolved. If you’re having this problem and want to uninstall Internet Explorer 11 follow the link below:

Uninstall Internet Explorer 11

0x80300024 Windows 7 error fix

I was installing Windows 7 on a Boot Camp partition and kept getting an error (0x80300024). After doing some Googling I found the solution at least for me. The fix is pretty simple, Remove all hard drives other than the one you are installing Windows on. That’s it plain and simple, I was able to continue with the installation without another error. After you install Windows, you can then reinsert all drives.

Kush’s running tips

It is finally summer and that’s usually when I run around the mountain here in Montreal. I haven’t been exercising in a while so my body and stamina are a bit out of shape. Today I’m going to share with you how I get motivated and get back into shape using cardio.

Music – I’m pretty sure everyone enjoys music, and it makes a huge difference in motivation when it comes to exercising. I recommend songs that have a high BPM (beats per minute), which is a technical term for how fast the song’s beat is. This will get you in the running/jogging mood even if you are really tired/lazy. I have playlists that I make on iTunes prior to running in order to gain the maximum amount of motivation from the music.

Clothing – This one should be a little bit more obvious. I like to wear a white plain T-shirt and gym shorts and my running shoes. Shoes really make a difference, I am currently using Nike shox. I tried my friend’s Saucony shoes and they were much better for running, because they offered more cushioning.

Buddy system – Having a buddy for exercise really helps out. When you are not in the mood the buddy could be, and vice versa. This will really keep you motivated and eventually get you in great shape. The only warning I have here is make sure that you and your buddy have similar goals in mind or else this can be worse than not even having a buddy.

Markers – According to all the treadmills I have used over the years, to burn the most fat you must change up the speed of your run. Most fat loss cycles are about three to four minutes of running then followed by a minute or two of walking. So when I go out running around the mountain I use markers to try to imitate those fat loss routines. I use audiovisual markers such as waiting for the next song to start, or passing a specific tree or traffic sign to make me start running. When I don’t feel like running I use this method the most and it actually works; believe it or not. Below is an example of a traffic sign that I would usually use as a marker.

traffic sign marker

Latest Broadcom 4321AG Vista Drivers

A friend of mine was having connection problems with the Broadcom 4321ag wireless card in his HP DV 9000. It would always cut out and could never connect. I found that searching google always yielded older drivers than the ones already installed. So I searched the HP website and found the latest version 5. 30.20.0 Dated August 6th 2009. For now it is working much better. I threw this post together quickly because Google didn’t have a solution, and well now it might!

Update: I have now linked this to the Revision history page, which should always display the latest version as the one I posted is clearly out of date!

You can download the drivers at this page

How to fix blank WordPress pages

I’ve been having a problem for a while where on the admin side of wordpress where it would display a blank page (eg. plugin page, auto upgrading wordpress or plugins). I finally figured out that it was a memory limit problem. To fix this I increased the php memory limit. There are a couple of ways to do this.

1.Edit the php.ini File:

Just edit the file in a text editor and search for the memory_limit if you can not find it add it without the quotes

“memory_limit = 64M” (here i increased mine from 32 megabytes to 64 megabytes in order to fix the problem I was having)

2.Editing the .htaccess File:

add “php_value memory_limit 64M" to your .htaccess file.

(Note: .htaccess is a unix based hidden file and might not show up, make sure you can view hidden files. In general any filename starting with a period "." is a hidden file on a unix based system so this applies to Mac OS X as well)

How to buy the cheapest factory unlocked iPhone 3GS from eBay

White 32gb factory unlocked iPhone 3GS

Today I finally took a plunge and bought a white 32gb factory unlocked iPhone 3GS from eBay. However after I found many auctions and wanted to get the best price since I was about to spend $1,000 CAD. I noticed a couple of the Australian and Hong Kong sellers said to check out their auctions which were listed on their country’s respective eBay site. They claimed that eBay US was charging more fees, and in turn that’s why it was more expensive on the US site. Their claims are true. However I took their advice and took it a bit further to get my cheaper iPhone. I went on both and and searched there (on eBay Hong Kong click on the English beta icon on the right hand side of the bar at the top). I don’t know why some eBay listings never trickle through to other eBay sites, since you can still view them through any eBay site if you just search for the auction number. However I found the cheapest one at the time on eBay Hong Kong. I saved about $20-$30 from the Australian counterpart. The Seller has 100% feedback and all buyers are extremely happy with his practices. In case you can not find his auctions here is one of the auction numbers, you can just paste it in the search bar in any eBay site and it will take you straight to it. Please note this is for the 32gb factory unlocked iPhone 3GS. The seller always has black in stock, but you must contact him for white. eBay Auction ID: 260474046905

Crucial Mac Maintenance

I use my computer a lot. That is what bought it for. However there are ways to help keep it running well. By maintaining your computer the stress on the hardware is less, which in turn means your computer will probably last longer and operate better. If you know any other things to keep a mac running well please comment, as I am still a somewhat new to the mac scene.

1. Weekly Run of OnyX. I like OnyX because it is free, simple, and automated. I just let it do its thing. I highlight everything in the Automation Tab (Maintenance, Rebuilding, Cleaning). It takes a while, and afterwards the computer might run a bit slow for a while, because it is rebuilding a lot of indexes.


2. Weekly or Monthly Defragment. Since I am constantly Downloading, Uploading, Copying, Moving, and Deleting Files, my fragmentation will likely start to affect my hard drive’s performance. There is a huge debate all over the interwebs about if defragmentation is really needed for OS X. I feel that it is. What defragmentation does, is move files on the hard drive closer (and in better locations) so that the hard drive does not have to search for them all over the place. This will speed up performance and also keep your drive functioning longer. I am currently using the demo of Drive Genius 2 to do this.

Drive Genius 2

20 20 20 Computer Screen Rule


So I was trying to look at some of the specs on my LG monitor on and noticed that it had a feature based on a  20 20 20 Rule which I have never heard about before. Basically Ergonomics experts Reccomend that every 20 minutes you look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. So I thought this was a cool feature, however I could not anything about 20 minutes, I only found a timer for an hour on it. However Feature or not, Try to use this rule if you stare at a computer screen a lot like I do!

Get organized with Google Calendar

In the last couple of days I’ve been trying to improve my productivity. I’m productive, but there’s always room for improvement right? Well here’s a nifty thing I started doing. I use google calendar to input all my important dates for school and my personal life. On my blackberry I installed the google sync Application so whenever I make a change on google calendar, or on my phone it’s updated everywhere. This has actually helped me become more efficient. I also entered my cell number into google calendar and it sends me an sms reminder at a predetermined time before my appointment. All that is missing now is to sync it with my macbook pro once I get it. To do that I will use Spanning Sync which is known to be great when syncing google calendar and iCal.

Avoid long distance charges with skype

For a while now I have been avoiding long distance charges from Rogers, Fido by using skype. In the states I think there are no long distance for calling another number in the states. However there are for calling Canada and other countries. This tutorial will teach you how to escape these fees by using skype to call numbers in the US, Canada and other countries. Firstly you have to be located in the US or Canada (Trace IP).

1. Go to Skype Subscriptions and buy whichever subscription is appropriate for you.

2.If you want the caller id to display your cellphone number Set it up in Skype Settings

3.To use this on your cellphone you will need a data plan or wifi(does not use much data though). Download iSkoot(Blackberry,Nokia, Windows Mobile) or Fring for iPhone

4. Setup your phone with your skype account, and your number.

5.Whenever you want to make a long distance call, just open the skype application you chose on your phone and dial it from there and save money!