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Thank You!

Thank you everyone who has been visiting my site, and supporting me by clicking ads, downloading Firefox from my site, watching the lahme song lol, and just viewing this site every once in a while. You guys are the ones keeping this site alive. Just wanted to say Thanks again, and stay tuned, I have some ideas brewing in the back of my head that will make this site more interesting, (eg. Prizes, Raffles, Gallery (well its up but the easiest way of uploading won’t work until nefirms allocates more php memory) which I will allow you guys to make your own albums in and upload pictures and keep them there so you will always have your pics everywhere you go, and aswell as the forum, thats up too.

They say build it and they will come (the idiots that is)


Ok, so people that wanna fuck around on the site have started appearing, if you don’t want to post something properly (with your correct email) you’re not ganna get anything on my site (Ashish i know your email isnt and who ever tried to register the username test05 and test06, let me remind you that I see everything that is going on my site, and if I want to be an asshole I can, I’ll just ban your IP, and give a nice call to your service provider and let them know you are trying to spam my site, simple as that.

Vive Montreal!

On my way to Montreal now, at the train station, I missed the 9:30 so I have to wait for the 11:30 so I have some time to kill. wierd thing is I don’t know if I’m paying for this wireless internet right now, I have an account with them I signed in, but nothing about what option i want (eg 1 hour, 1 day) and payment options so if this appears on my credit card, im ganna get pissed and complain!

Gallery Coming Soon

Ok you guys, I have 6gb of webspace on here (might upgrade if needed) and I setup a gallery, its not completly working yet (working with customer support on this) and then you guys will be able to upload pics of anything and everything!

Some Demographics

Heres some demographic data on the visitors of, at first Saudi was lagging, now im happy to see that its almost there with the states! its pretty nifty that i can see everything about my site, so please don’t do something that would make me be an asshole. I never knew that I know someone in Japan or Cote D’lvorie? Maybe they Were Just jelous that we won the Africas Cup LOL!

Rolls Royce 101ex

All I can say is wow, this has been recently announced by Rolls Royce, Has the same construction technology as the Phantom is 240mm shorter than the phantom but is a coupe, ONE SEXY CAR in my opinion, one car to add to my Dream car list

Encarta Instant Answers

Encarta Bot
Saw this on a pic uploaded to a forum, its a bot on msn that will answer quick questions, its pretty useful, as you can see I asked the bot what the population of Egypt was and it promptly replied, and it can give you more info if you have Encarta installed. If you want to try this add this email to your msn list