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How the iPhone 4 re-upped the ante

Facetime Screen

When the first iPhone came out, it changed the way the mobile phone industry was operating, all other companies scrambled to put something together that would be worthy to battle the iPhone. While some were successful (Google, maybe Nokia), other where not in my opinion (RIM/Blackberry). When I say that, I am not talking about sales, I am talking about a phone and operating system that are coherent.

Next we can all agree that the next two iPhones were just upgrades that were nothing too special other than at the time they were released (except for the 3G upgrade). So when the iPhone 4 came out, it had a new feature called Facetime. What is Facetime you ask? It is a video calling technology that Apple developed. You might think to yourself, who cares Nokia and Sony Ericsson have that that since around 2005. While that may be true, I’ve had the first Nokia phone that had a front facing camera, as well as many others, yet how many times did I use a video call in those three years? Exactly once (no joke), and I was sitting next to the person I was having the call with. We were just testing out the technology. As Felix Dennis mentions in his book How To Get Rich the key to being successful is not about having a great idea, it’s all about execution, and Apple executes second to none.

One of the really cool things about Facetime is that you don’t even need cellular reception to make a call (which makes video calls free all over the world!). Check out this video below of me giving directions to a friend while in the middle of the woods! We had no reception, yet we had wifi internet. While all other phones in the cabin (blackberries) were out of luck when it came to making phone calls, at least I could call people that have a Facetime device (at that time only the iPhone 4).

TinEye: Cool image search engine

Today I was looking at pages that referred traffic to my site and I traced them. I found one very interesting link. TinEye is a new Image search engine, that can find where similar images are on the internet compared to ones that you upload or link to. Someone had uploaded an image of Mfi Multiloader and TinEye linked back to my site. However I noticed that it saves searches in its database which might cause some privacy issues.  None the less this search engine is really cool, and is already being used by Adobe, Associated Press, Digg. If you still don’t understand how this works, just take a look at the video on the faq page.

Kingmax 8gb Super Stick


I got this 8gb super stick from kingmax, it was reccomended by kevin rose. Its washing machine and dryer safe (really cool). The read and write speeds are slower than my 8gb cruzer contour but thats the trade off for the tiny size. All in all its a really cool usb stick!

Concordia Opensearch Plugin Updated

Well, as some of you might have noticed the Concordia Site has been updated, so I have updated my Opensearch plugin (which you can use with firefox or Internet Explorer 7, However i reccomend Firefox as always) this plugin will make searching the website much easier by just having it in the browser so you dont have to go to to search you can search anytime!

Click Here (and then click on

Concordia University OpenSearch Plugin (Created by Me, Ahmed Karam)

Hey everyone, I just got my new laptop and one of the first things i like to do is personalize Firefox (best internet browser) and as you all know i go to Concordia University In Montreal, Quebec. So I created an Open Search plugin for Firefox (ok fine it works on internet explorer 7 as well) which allows you to search the Concordia Site from within Firefox (or ie7) without opening the Concordia site. You can download it here

Gmail Paper

WOW, thats it no one can take on Google, i wont even take the time to explain because i wont be as efficient and well presented as Google, so just click the link and see how cool Google is. OK NEVERMIND I BET ITS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE, ill find out soon, even if it is pretty smart idea, what i think it will be is the same as gmail they annouced it as a joke and it was real hence the joke was the joke.

UPDATE: I was right its an April fools joke non the less it was a great idea.

Gmail Paper