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Tesla Offers Autopilot Trial Periods

Tesla Autopilot Trial
Tesla Autopilot Trial


I was just randomly on Facebook, when I noticed one of the Tesla Owners posted a picture (above) that showed that Tesla now offers Trial Periods for Autopilot for owners that have the hardware, but have not paid for the software. This may seem like something small, however it’s huge. Traditional cars wouldn’t have this capability as you’d either have to drive the car in to the dealership to get the update flashed onto your car, or they don’t usually include hardware if you haven’t paid for it. This is such a clever way for Tesla to Upsell customers after the fact if they opted out, and creates easy revenue. It also reduces the amount of hardware configurations by having all cars standard with the hardware. This makes it much easier for customers to change their mind down the road. Every day there is something new that wows me about Tesla, and today this is it.

Abstract Ocean Ultra-Bright LED Interior Kit

One of the biggest annoyances of owning a Tesla Model S is the lighting in the Trunk and Frunk. Luckily Abstract Ocean has stepped in to help with their Ultra-Bright LED Interior Kit that replaces the stock LEDs. I got the 13 part kit that replaces the Frunk, Trunk, Footwell, Door undersides, and Glove Box. I’ve replaced all except the Glove Box and Door undersides as I need a mat to lay on, and the Glove Box one is hard to remove. I’ll do those later, but the most important ones (Trunk & Frunk) make a world of a difference. See my YouTube video and Pictures below for before and after comparisons.

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Windows Audio Stutter Problem Fix

I’ve been having a problem while watching shows or movies in VLC  and Youtube for a while now, and it really got on my nerves and I decided to try to fix it today. The problem is the Audio playback would stutter every few seconds then cut out (silence) for a few seconds, then it would come back. This wasn’t an issue with the files. I tried everything, updating drivers, setting tweaks in VLC, downloading Media Player Classic, Disabling Audio Effects in Windows Audio Settings, changing codecs for Youtube. Then I stumbled on this blog post. I did have Airserver and thought it might be the issue. I disabled it, but the issue still continued. Finally I found that I still had the AirPort Base Station Agent running in the tray. I closed it and the problem went away instantly. I thought I’d share in case others ran into the issue as I spent a few hours on Google. After figuring out, I thought I’d reinstall Airserver, and it’ hasn’t happened. So it turns out, it was just Airport Base Station Agent, searching for drives to use.

GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition vs iPhone 6s 4K 30 fps

I wanted to see which was better at shooting 4K Video. Below is the YouTube video, and the links to the source files for your own comparison.

(Mov= iPhone, MP4 =GoPro)

First Tesla Service Experience

Tesla Motors Logo











So I have had my first Tesla Service experience and I can say it was fantastic. I live within 16 KM (10 Miles) of the service center/store so I qualify for the pick up and drop off option. They came to pick up my car, and drop off a loaner until they fixed the issues with my car. I had minor issues of the sun roof leaking due to the seal not being tight (a frequent issue issue for summer 2015 cars according to the forums and the service center), Sun roof not opening on the first try, and some glue on the seal of the Frunk.

Michael showed up on time before work, had some paperwork for me to sign, gave me a P85+ and took my car. I thought it would be a few days until they fixed the car, but it was literally the same day after work that the work was completed. They offered to come drop off my car, but I wanted to drive the P85+ a little bit longer (I actually prefer my 70D over the P85+ though). So I just dropped off the loaner after work and that was that. I couldn’t be happier with the level of awesome service the employees at Tesla provide. Then the service manager walked me through what was done, so I have an understanding of what was found to be faulty, what they fixed, and how they fixed it. They removed the excess glue, they put lubricant on the sunroof tracks, and they sealed the sunroof leaks.

All of this was covered under Tesla’s can’t be beaten 8 year unlimited mileage drivetrain and 80,000km everything else warranty. Not a dime was paid.

Vicovation Marcus 3 Sample video

I posted a YouTube video of samples of the Vicovation Marcus 3 Dashcam and thought I’d share the raw files as well. Below is the YouTube video and the links to download the raw files.

Why all Tesla Model S owners should Dip their car

Photo 2015-07-02, 9 18 43 PM



I’ve had my Tesla Model S for a little over 2 months now. It’s the coolest thing on 4 wheels and with the TreadHunter rubber, it just melts everything. I’ve also Dipped (Plasti Dip) it. It made my car super unique and it get’s a lot of stares and garners a lot of conversation about the car. This is great for multiple reasons:

1. I get to meet interesting people.

2. I get to share the car with others.

3. I get to educate people about the car. (I don’t mean this in a derogatory manner)

4. Protects your paint.

5. Gives you a unique look.

The third reason is why I think everyone should Dip (or wrap if they fancy that) their Model S. Why, you ask? I’ve found that  most people think it’s just another nice fancy car like a Maserati, or an Aston Martin. I’ve also heard a lot of “Oh this is a Tesla? I’ve never seen one in person!”. My response is “You’ve probably see a lot, there’s many in Toronto, you just weren’t looking for one.”.

The majority of people don’t know the real value proposition of the Model S as most people I’ve talked to thought it was a hybrid, or just a normal car.The thing that gets them interested more in talking is when I pop the Frunk. Most people are in awe when I do that (and I admit I do it on purpose haha), others assume the engine is in the back like a Ferrari, or Lamborghini and that’s when I show them the practicality of two trunks. I’ve found that it’s been true before Tesla came a long that electric cars were a sacrifice, but no longer and I think it’s our job as owners to spread the word and Dipping my car has done that better than anything ever could as people come to you to start a conversation.

So if all Tesla owners dipped their cars, and made them stand out, this could lead to more interest and purchases. This might sound stupid, but that’s information I’ve gathered from my observations after I’ve dipped the car.

If you’re interested in buying a Tesla, please use my referral link:

More Pictures and Video of my Dip (Abyss Midnight Flip – Changes from Blue to Purple):

IMG_2691 IMG_2694 IMG_2697 IMG_2699 IMG_2701 IMG_2702 IMG_2704 IMG_2705 IMG_2707 IMG_2708 IMG_2710 IMG_6142 IMG_6143 IMG_6144

Photo 2015-07-02, 9 18 46 PM (1) Photo 2015-07-02, 9 18 46 PM Photo 2015-07-02, 9 18 43 PM (2) Photo 2015-07-02, 9 18 43 PM (1) Photo 2015-07-02, 8 28 13 PM Photo 2015-07-02, 8 28 13 PM (1)


Disable Google Chrome’s Now Notifications (New Version)

If Google’s Chrome notifications have been annoying you like everyone else you’ve probably disabled them. But after a recent update they have come back for me, and the Enable Rich Notifications option is no longer there.  They have just renamed the feature. This is an updated tutorial on how to disable the Google Now Notifications inside Chrome.

1. Open Chrome and type Chrome://flags

2. Press CTRL+F and search for Enabled Synced Notifications and Enable Google Now notifications support.

3. Change the setting from Default to Disabled.

4. Close Chrome and open it again.

Disable Google now notifications

HP 3005PR Drive Letter Issue Solution

HP 3005PR

I recently ran into an issue with the HP 3005PR port replicator at a client’s office. The port replicator comes with a partition that has it’s install software on it, (which is nice, but I could just download the latest drivers from HP’s site). This partition sometimes takes over the F: drive or any drive that the usual network shares use and therefore the computer can’t access whichever drive letter the network share usually is. We’ve tried disabling the drive, but sometimes it comes back after switch usb port etc. The problem is that the storage management snap-in in Windows doesn’t allow you to change the drive assignment for this port replicator. A colleague of mine thought of a smart solution. You can use Diskpart to resolve the resolution.

Here are the instructions to change the drive letter Issue:

  1. Run CMD.exe as an administrator.
  2. Type “Diskpart” and press enter.
  3. Type “List volume”.
  4. Locate the HP DOCK volume and note the drive letter assigned, this is the drive letter you want to get back (usually 3, or 4 could be different for you)
  5. Type “Select volume X” (X being the actual volume number you found)
  6. Type “Remove letter=X” (X being the actual drive letter you want to get back)
  7. Type “Assign letter=X” (X being the drive letter you want to give the port replicator that will not interfere with your network shares).

That’s all Folks!


A Free Egypt

Free Egypt
Image taken from Al Jazeera English

Yesterday evening the greatest revolution was a success. Thanks to the youth of Egypt, the entire population of ~80 million people have been freed. That might sound a little pretentious, however it really is true. For the last 30 years Egypt has been under rule by a dictator who really does rule with iron fist. If anyone spoke badly about him they usually gave him a warning of beatings, if it was done again, they usually disappeared. All this was known by the people, however to the world he presented a fair and loved image.

I remember once I was in Egypt and plain clothed police tried to give me a hard time for standing in front of a hotel which my sister was staying in. I didn’t mind them and told them to stop annoying me. Since I live out in the western world this was normal to me, however to them this was very abnormal. They told me to give them my Egyptian national ID, which I told them I don’t have. They asked how come, and I told them I live out of the country. I gave them my Seneca College ID and didn’t care if I got it back as I transferred to Concordia University. They thought they had me. Then my friend came with his father to pick me up and because he is a big shot they shut up and didn’t say anything and even apologized. However what really annoys me is why this treatment in the first place? Why does someone in Egypt have to have a connection or be someone big to be treated well (and not because they want to treat them well, just because that’s the way the system works)?

Anyways that is how the system has been working for the last 30 years under Hosni Mubarak. I am thankful I have not lived there to experience the depressed state that people there have forcefully had on the for so long, seriously this is what causes people to live without any hope. I seriously can not believe someone has the heart to do that, not even to one person, but to 80 million. It is not only him though, he is the ring leader, all his family and cronies are the same. All of them have billions of dollars.

So why was the youth able to pull this revolution off? Well recent events sparked the thoughts I think. The revolution in Tunisia was the first incident and probably the most important. What happened there was a man by the name of Mohamed Bouzazizi was an educated graduate that could not find work, so he sold fruits on a street card to make ends meat. When his fruits were taken and he was slapped by the police he lost it. He lit himself on fire in protest to the way things work in the country. This caused an uprising of protests which eventually made the President Ben Ali step down. Next in Egypt someone bombed a Church in Alexandria (now thought to be the plot of Habib al Adly). What the government wanted was to divide the people of Egypt into distinct groups in order to preoccupy their minds in order to avoid what happened in Tunisia. What better way to do that then by religion. So they bombed the Church in order to stay in power. However their plan did not work, and Muslims reached out to the Christians. Next the Egyptian youth organized online using social media in order to form a revolution to overthrow the current regime. Headed by Wael Ghonim they headed to Tahrir square on January 25th 2011. I’m not sure if the Egyptian government knew about and underestimated the power of Facebook and twitter, or they didn’t know about it. Anyways the protest quickly gained momentum with everyone, even foreigners joining.

The regime tried to use scare tactics and force in order to quell the protesters. First they played it off like it was not a big deal, and ignored the movement while saying that the people have the right to protest in hopes of it dying down quickly. When it actually gained ground, they started using everything they have in order to regain power of the situation. They used state television to spread propaganda, shut off the internet and telephone communication, hired thugs (plain clothed police officers) to hold pro-Mubarak protests, attack the peaceful protestors, even with horses, camels and running them over with vehicles which the state tv quickly denied. All throughout this, the regime said they understand what the people want, and Hosni Mubarak will punish the corrupt officials in the government. Thing is though, he is the one that is to blame. He was in denial, knowing what was going on and just playing dumb. This angered the people even more. Finally he used one more tactic, having his regime announce that he would come on tv and resign. When he did come one late as usual, he said he would not step down. He wanted to anger the protesters in order to justify deadly force against them, however this tactic failed again and he had no more tricks up his sleeve and had to resign. The coward didn’t even have the guts to do it himself and had his goon Omar Suliman do it for him.

I don’t have a great knowledge of history but I do know that Egypt was great back in the day. So what caused this revolution to be so strong and able to withstand the brutal tactics of a coward for 18 days? First they have been living in terrible conditions for the last 30 years and didn’t want one more second of it. Secondly if they were to go home as the regime wanted them to, things would get way worse and it would turn into a complete police state, in which after Hosni Mubarak left his son would take over. I want to make it completely clear that when Hosni Mubarak said that he was not running and again and his son too, he was completely just saying that in order to trick people that there would be change, even if that was true he would hand the power to his cronies, which is the same thing in the back office, with different faces on the front.

In conclusion I would first like to thank all the people who risked their lives, especially the martyrs that have been killed supporting this revolution, of course Mohamed Bouzazizi for sending a harsh message that took his life, Al Jazeera and Al Arabeya for reporting the truth to the world, and finally the Christians and Muslims of Egypt for sticking together and not allowing anything divide them. I have never been more proud of being an Egyptian, and a human being.

P.S.: Some of this post is just my opinion, so don’t go using it for a source on Wikipedia. I might have gotten things chronologically incorrect, missed a few things, or made other mistakes.