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Manfrotto 057 BALL CARBF KIT Q5


While on vacation in Egypt a month ago, my sister asked me if she could keep my tripod since she got a new camera. I told her sure, I’ll just get a new one. This is the tripod I want to buy soon. It is the Manfrotto 057 BALL CARBF KIT Q5. The legs are made of carbon fiber, and features the MH057M0-Q5 pro ball head which allows the camera to move in free form allowing for angles not possible with a normal tripod. The moving head was the icing on top of the cake if you will. How did I find this gem? I was browsing the Manfrotto website for a tripod that would fit my needs, when I saw they have various social networking accounts. I clicked on the vimeo link and watched the video below and saw a demonstration of it. Then I quickly found it on the site. There is no word yet on the price, which I expect to be very high since it’s a professional line Manfrotto product, made from carbon fiber and magnesium, has the new ball head, comes from Italy, and waters your plants (just kidding). However I think it will be worth its price tag, as it should help take my photography to a higher level! Other than the product page there isn’t much info on the net about it.

Canon T2i/550D and Canon EOS-1D Mark IV 1.08 Firmware update

Canon EOS Rebel T2i

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love updating computers, gadgets, or anything that can be flashed with a new firmware/software. I just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Today thanks to engadget I get to have that feeling! My Canon Rebel T2i gets an update to 1.08 which fixes a bug while shooting video in manual mode, as well as some Spanish and French spelling mistakes in the menu for the 1-D Mark IV. Download links below

Canon Rebel T2i 1.08 Firmware: Windows + Mac

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV 1.08 Firmware: Windows + Mac

Montreal Grand Prix 2010 Pictures

Yeah this post is a couple of weeks late, but better late than never. Here are some pictures I snapped while walking around downtown during the Grand Prix Weekend. I’m one of the people that was thrilled to have the Grand Prix return after such a long departure. Montreal really takes shape from this one event, it’s truly great we have it back. My pictures might not have been so great, but I really enjoyed the first picture. The car below is the Roadster Sport, It is manufactured by company called Tesla in California. You might think “So, what?”. The what about this car is that is fully electric and can run around for 244 miles (393 kilometers) on a single charge! They brought it so they can market it, (of course) but the interesting thing is, since we get cheap electricity in Quebec, it only costs about $1.80 to fully charge this car! Enjoy the pictures!

Tesla Roadster Sport

He was trying to interview the dog!

More Backgrounds

Hey guys, I was in old port tonight, and took some new pics, (along with one from the same photo shoot as the HDR pics). These pics are not in HDR however, because I took them with my Canon powershot sd780IS (first two only). I think I’m going to get the new Canon EOS Rebel T1i EF-S 18-55mm IS Kit (look on the what I want widget on the side). Yeah it’s expensive, and I’m no where near a professional photographer (i would like to be though) and even if i never become one its for personal reasons so the purchase price is justified!  (For the first two images I took it in black and white mode, and all I did in Photoshop was crop the size and reduce the noise. The last picture was with a friends Canon EOS and I tried making a HDR picture but it didn’t work was too shaky, so just played around with the saturation and turned out nice.)

(Click on the Images for full Size. 16:10)

If you would like these pictures in other aspect ratios please comment