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Photo of the day – Rue UniversitY

Rue UniversitYOn the way back from Tam Tam park today I stumbled upon this little gem. You might not think anything is interesting about this picture, but then I would say you don’t have a keen eye. Being that Montreal is in Quebec (a French speaking Province), all Official texts are in French, so it’s Rue Université. Ok so what you might ask? Well I’ve seen this before type of Englishization/Jokery  being done before on Rue Crescent, and I always enjoy a good joke.

Photo of the day – TEDxMcGill 2010

TEDXMcGill 2010

Yesterday I went to the TEDxMcGill 2010 event. It was really great, well organized, and had great speakers. Like most TED or TEDx events it was inspirational. There were many stories told, philosophies, and ideas shared (which is what TED is about). I will now try to go to any TED or TEDx event I can, and maybe even try to organize some back home if I can. Shout out to Tara for getting me to go to this amazing event! On the way out the organizers surprised the attendees with three TEDxs made out of Diet Coke cans, Coke cans, and water bottles.

Photo of the day – On the Road (Freeman’s Electrical Goods)

Freeman's Electrical GoodsTelevision Set $199.95Stove $137.50 Fridge $169.89

Yesterday they were filming a movie outside my building called On the Road. It is a film adaptation of the Novel written by Jack Kerouac. Anyways they setup this fake electrical goods store next to my house and even had old street lamps for a pedestrian scene. It has some big Hollywood names like Kristen Dunst and Kristen Stewart. Check it out in 2011. 

Photo of the day – Happy Pills

Happy Pills

While buying some BCAAs for my friend today I saw these Happy Pills. It says that it is a non prescription feel good formula, which means it’s just herbs and over the counter ingredients. The name made me laugh and the packaging just added to it. To the left there were some happy dreams pills, which help you sleep easier. I picked one of those up as I have sleeping problems. I will report back on how effective it is.

Photo of the day – Lunchbox Lasagna

Lunchbox Lasagna

Today my photo is mouth watering! Lunchbox is a new (since last semester I believe) quick serve restaurant that has really great healthy food at a reasonable price. They have a really great marinated chicken pita sandwich in which the chicken has a purplish tint. Today however I got their Lasagna! You get to pick between normal pasta or spinach pasta (you can see in the picture I don’t like normal), the filling, and the sauce. I also added marinated Artichokes as an extra because I really love Artichoke! It is quickly prepared and cooked thanks to the TurboChef ovens. Take a look at the picture, it almost looks like a meal at an upscale restaurant.

Photo of the day – Dusk in Montreal

Montreal Dusk Nov 1, 2010Today was one of the craziest sunsets I have seen in person. From a little before Dusk the sky looked really weird, it had a golden tint to it. However I didn’t think it was photo worthy, I knew this shot would never be featured on a stock photos website. However when I saw the Sun setting I had to snap a picture and revive my Photo of the day Segment. Let me tell you the picture does not do the sunset justice, even though it is a nice picture, the sunset was really beautiful! It really inspires me to fire up my camera again, I wish I had it to photograph this picture (shot on my iPhone 4).