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HP 3005PR Drive Letter Issue Solution

HP 3005PR

I recently ran into an issue with the HP 3005PR port replicator at a client’s office. The port replicator comes with a partition that has it’s install software on it, (which is nice, but I could just download the latest drivers from HP’s site). This partition sometimes takes over the F: drive or any drive that the usual network shares use and therefore the computer can’t access whichever drive letter the network share usually is. We’ve tried disabling the drive, but sometimes it comes back after switch usb port etc. The problem is that the storage management snap-in in Windows doesn’t allow you to change the drive assignment for this port replicator. A colleague of mine thought of a smart solution. You can use Diskpart to resolve the resolution.

Here are the instructions to change the drive letter Issue:

  1. Run CMD.exe as an administrator.
  2. Type “Diskpart” and press enter.
  3. Type “List volume”.
  4. Locate the HP DOCK volume and note the drive letter assigned, this is the drive letter you want to get back (usually 3, or 4 could be different for you)
  5. Type “Select volume X” (X being the actual volume number you found)
  6. Type “Remove letter=X” (X being the actual drive letter you want to get back)
  7. Type “Assign letter=X” (X being the drive letter you want to give the port replicator that will not interfere with your network shares).

That’s all Folks!


Surface Pro 2 Wireless Fix

Surface Pro 2 Wifi Woes






Have you just bought a Surface Pro 2, plugged it in, ran Windows Update and restarted only to find your Wireless driver has been uninstalled? Well I just found this out while updating a client’s Surface Pro 2. I tried getting the driver pack for the Surface Pro 2, and randomly found a February Firmware Update and driver pack from Microsoft, which you have to install manually for each driver. Anyways, the Pro 2 Wireless driver didn’t work, however the Pro 1 Driver did. I will link to all files so you can easily find them all and see what works for you. However I have found that the Pro 1 Wireless drivers are the only ones that actually worked for me on the Pro 2, go figure…

If you need help installing them, feel free to comment, and I’ll try to help out.

[download id=”25″]

Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 February 2014 Firmware and Driver Pack for Windows 8 & 8.1

0x80300024 Windows 7 error fix

I was installing Windows 7 on a Boot Camp partition and kept getting an error (0x80300024). After doing some Googling I found the solution at least for me. The fix is pretty simple, Remove all hard drives other than the one you are installing Windows on. That’s it plain and simple, I was able to continue with the installation without another error. After you install Windows, you can then reinsert all drives.

Blackberry Media Sync on Windows 7

A lot of programs won’t install or run properly on windows 7 yet, and not many developers have cared since it’s still in beta and If you’ve tried to use blackberry media sync on windows 7 and failed i have found a way to work it. I was always getting an error when trying to install it. so here’s a work around that should get you using the program quickly.
1. once you have the file downloaded Extract its contents using winrar (the exe is just a zip file)
2. press the windows button and r button on the keyboard, type in “cmd” without the quotes and press enter
3. navigate to where the folder to the folder you extracted
4. Rename the msi file to a.msi for ease of use in the next step
4. type “msiexec /a a.msi” without the quotes and press enter
5. now a window will pop up and extract the files you need just select where you want to extract them
6. press the windows button and r button on the keyboard, then type regsvr32 “path to the you extractedBBDeviceFileAccess.dll” with the quotes and everything should work now (when it asks you to download the update say cancel)

if you are having problems let me know, im still syncing the album art as of now. ill update this post once i can gaurentee it works 100%

Update: it works! 😀

Vista Driver Problems?

I’ve had (and im sure many of you also have had) trouble with  vista installing drivers of  products that usually don’t need drivers, and these devices worked fine with Windows XP. Well i’ve found a fix, for most of those devices, when Windows Vista asks if you have the driver, just point it to C:\Windows (assuming that is where you have windows installed) and include subfolders. It will then find the driver, im not sure why windows doesn’t automatically find the drivers, but whatever, probably a bug.

Vista Networking Woes!

Networking Problems Vista

ok so we all know that there are bugs in vista, but the most annoying one for me, is to do with networking, yeah they fixed a lot of network issues from xp, like making faster (at least i feel it is) anyways what annoys me is when vista adds numbers to the end of network names for no reason, which confuses a lot of things (See picture), and somtimes even thinks its connected to two networks at the same time and then the internet doesnt work when it thinks its connected to two networks, that happened to me with a wired connection. Please digg this so we can get someones attention at microsoft, i hope it does, please leave comments, i know you can merge and delete connections but that has no use because they keep coming back (Click The Image to get the full size)

Ps: all those network ssid’s are infact the same one, even the one im connected to, linksys6 wtf?  I contacted Microsoft about this, and they said they can’t guarantee it will be addressed since only one person complains