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Spybot 1.5.2

Well being an official spybot mirror, i get some benefits, today i opened my email to find i recieved the link for spybot 1.5.2 and i downloaded and installed it. I ran it and first thing i noticed is it looks pretty much looks the same, but has some more bot checks, and runs a bit faster than the older, or i could be wrong and its just all internal changes? The update is now on the download page!

Concordia Opensearch Plugin Updated

Well, as some of you might have noticed the Concordia Site has been updated, so I have updated my Opensearch plugin (which you can use with firefox or Internet Explorer 7, However i reccomend Firefox as always) this plugin will make searching the website much easier by just having it in the browser so you dont have to go to to search you can search anytime!

Click Here (and then click on

Concordia University OpenSearch Plugin (Created by Me, Ahmed Karam)

Hey everyone, I just got my new laptop and one of the first things i like to do is personalize Firefox (best internet browser) and as you all know i go to Concordia University In Montreal, Quebec. So I created an Open Search plugin for Firefox (ok fine it works on internet explorer 7 as well) which allows you to search the Concordia Site from within Firefox (or ie7) without opening the Concordia site. You can download it here

My Videos On MetaCafe! (SUPPORT ME)

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I have or will have many videos on metacafe (ofcourse my own) and need people to watch them and give them good ratings (if you think they are worth it) and i might make some cash of them like that.Ill add more to the post soon.

New Theme

I loved K2 (the theme i was using) it’s a very powerful theme, but i thought i needed to change up the theme of the website and found this one (Fresh), it’s very energetic and uses nice colors.