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Paypal Donate Button Added

Hello everyone. Today I added a Paypal donation button in the side bar on the right –>. I use to think of it as a way to beg, however that’s not the case. If you find anything that you liked on my website (Blackberry Unlock etc) and feel like helping me acquire more technological gadgets (I have my eye on a Canon DSLR and a Mac Pro), pay some bills, or whatever you can donate by clicking on the Paypal button. I don’t ask for a minimum as that would be begging. Anything you would like to donate is great. Every penny is appreciated!

Ps. For the gadgets, I will only spend it on items that would help me progress this site like the Camera or the Mac Pro. Thank you again!

Site Suspended Today

So today My site was suspended by bluehost for linking to the blackberry mml unlock files. So I removed them to comply with the TOS. So I found out it was because RIM decided they don’t like the files linked to. Anyways that is their right, however it is MY right to be contacted and told that the links be removed, however they just had my host take my site down. If that’s how they treat their customers, then I don’t want to be one. I can go back to an iPhone once the new one comes out. I will contact rim about this and see what they have to say. When I hade a Upek file ACTUALLY hosted on my site, upek took the extra courtesy to contact me. I removed the file and was even offered the priviledge of trying software they didn’t even release to the public.

Social networking icons working

Hey everyone, as promised I have linked to all my social networking profiles in the sidebar —->

Feel free to contact me through any of them, or just view them from time to time. I feel this will help increase the quality of my site! Ps. some of these sites I just signed up for in the last couple of days, so it might be a while before any content is up.


Feeling Social (Networking)

Hey everyone, in the last couple of weeks my blog has really come (back) to life. Very soon I will put links to all my profiles on social websites (youtube, facebook, etc) so everyone can follow what I’m doing (don’t worry I don’t think too much of my self). But some users on twitter have already started following me. In these last few weeks, I’ve been feeling so great because of all the user interactions across all these sites.

Seo Tips for WordPress

So in the last couple of weeks, I took the decision to improve my site drastically. By doing so I have started to attract more visitors to my blog and increase traffic, Google Adsense revenue, and most important the quality of my posts. Continue reading Seo Tips for WordPress


So I just turned 22! How does it feel? So far it sucks, because I missed my flight and now have to wait another two hours. However my Family has already wished me a happy birthday so that’s all I need (More than makes up for my crap luck)

Recent Ad Change

Last couple of days I’ve tried using chitika premium in addition to google adsense, and I don’t like it so I’m removing it. However I also added a google adsense box after the post. In addition I will add one more ad on the side, but don’t worry I wont take it overboard like many sites do. I’m only doing this so it helps me out, sorry for any inconvenience caused (please disable ad blocking software).