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Arbitrary happy work day!

Tonight my friend wanted to surprise our other friend when he woke up to go to work. We made it an arbitrary celebration in his bathroom with balloons and multiple signs. I hope it makes his day, and makes him laugh. I love stuff that makes you laugh because it has no purpose or does not make sense. While every culture has their own funny arbitrary shenanigans, I assure you that Americans trump any other country. That is one of the reasons I love Americans. If you are wondering, yes this arbitrary celebration was planned and executed by an American!

Check out the pictures from our celebration! (click on the images for Full Size)
Have a great day at work Samer!

Everyday of your life should feel like a party!Balloons!

Photo of the day – Salvation Army Clothes Drop

A couple of my closest friends have finished University here in Montreal, and have moved on with their lives. They left some old clothes behind that were going to be thrown away. I decided to take it to the Salvation Army, so they can benefit someone that needs them. We Should all donate whatever we have lying around that we don’t need.

Temple of Life – For The Shackled Mind (Acoustic)

Temple of Life Band

Hey Everyone, a couple of my closest friends have a band called Temple Of Life. They are a great alternative group with very interesting sounds. They have just released a free download (M4a/Mp3) for the acoustic version of “for the Shackled Mind. This song will be on their next album, which will be on iTunes. Give the song a listen and if you like it download it and spread it around. I have learned so much from the members of this band over our long friendship (17 years) and I feel they deserve great success.

Listen and Download here

Ps. You can always check their website out here

Tickle My Tits

Hey guys just messing around in my friends studio. Made a stupid song if you are in the mood to laugh at stupidity go ahead give it a listen or download. HD Video coming soon! The Video is now Available! (Click on HD to watch it in HD, I reccomend though that you watch it at youtube so you can maintain the aspect ratio!) YOUTUBE LINK

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Birthday Giftcard

So I just got to see some friends that I have not seen in about a week or two, and they had got me a birthday present! It was a gift certificate for futureshop, but seeing how I already bought a hard drive from there, what do you think I should from futureshop? I’m thinking I can keep it until next month when I hopefully buy my macbook and just have it deducted from the overall price! Nevermind I just thought about it, and I can already get $100 off from apple for the educational discount, so that would just be waisting the gift certificate!