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Freeagent Desk Mac OS X Icon

Today I thought well if the freeagent desk drive comes with an icon for windows, there should be a nice icns version for mac, however I was wrong. So I made one which turned out ok. However the edges aren’t so great, but you can’t tell unless you open it in an image editing program. (The icon is in icns format) So enjoy this and if you want to know how to change your icons of a drive. folder, application just follow my tutorial here


[download id=”20″]

Interfacelift 1080p Wallpaper pack

So I got a new mac mini, and decided to make a wallpaper pack, I love this site interfacelift, however to make a collection of wallpapers it takes time. So I did the hard work and picked the first 87 wallpapers that interested me. I DO NOT take any credit for these wallpapers, I only collected them in an archive. Please comment or ask questions in this blog post!

[download id=”18″]

Alex Lloyd – What We Started (Free Download)

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]

So I heard this song in the end of Episode 18 (Off the Rails) of 90210 and spent two days trying to find the name of the song. Finally I found it on this website. It’s not too popular yet, and so I thought I would share it with everyone. It’s not even on iTunes yet. You can download it (LEGALLY) for free from here (for a limited time). Just scroll down and right click save as on download the single CLICK HERE.

Album now available on iTunes: BUY HERE

Samurai Sudoku

I was on the train from Toronto to Montreal today and I remembered that the magazine usually has this funky Sudoku that has 5 games intertwined into one. I had emailed my dad one before because he loves sudoku. So I opened the magazine and found it, and then found another older magazine with another one. So here are two Samurai Sudoku Puzzles for you to solve. (Thanks Viarail Canada)

Right Click Save Target as to download these files (.PNG image files)

[download id=”10″]

[download id=”11″]

Tickle My Tits

Hey guys just messing around in my friends studio. Made a stupid song if you are in the mood to laugh at stupidity go ahead give it a listen or download. HD Video coming soon! The Video is now Available! (Click on HD to watch it in HD, I reccomend though that you watch it at youtube so you can maintain the aspect ratio!) YOUTUBE LINK

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Upek Protector Suite 5.8.2 Update

Well my fingerprint recognition software was making my computer very slow because of some memory leaks. I found the fix with an update to version 5.8.2. I’m posting it because its hard to find the link to the download, so here it is. PS this says that it is 5.8 in the read me file, however it’s suppose to be 5.8.2. I have made the link a direct link so you can download it from my site. The previous link on Upek’s site would just confuse you!

Link removed due to a request from Upek!

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Blackberry Unlock using mml

Here is the torrent file also if you have any questions ask here and I’ll try to reply asap!

This is including the storm and javelin! Sorry as of now the storm and javelin are not included if i figure out a way i will post! Continue reading Blackberry Unlock using mml