iOS 4.2.1 released today

iOS 4.2 Update iTunes

Finally it has been released for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad alike. You can get it form iTunes. No word yet on jailbreaking, although, it was reported that the Geohot’s exploit was working up to 4.2 beta 3. As of now I am updating my iPhone 4 and will report back if limera1n is working with final release of 4.2.1.

Update: I’m not sure why it says 4.2 on the update, and is actually 4.2.1. Way to confuse people Apple.

Below you can see the changelog, my favorite feature is the ability to find text in safari!

iOS 4.2 changelog

iOS 4.2 changelog 3

2 thoughts on “iOS 4.2.1 released today”

  1. Hah – so the almighty Steve has finally decreed that “find text within page” is a good thing? Now welcoming your favourite phone to, err… 2004 or so.

    1. I don’t think there were any smart phones in 2004 that could even browse the web like the iphone so your comment does not make any sense. They were all using mobile websites or wap, not full fledged website as today’s smart phones do.

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