How do blind people manage?

On my way home tonight, I encountered a blind or legally blind man (not sure which) walking on the street. He asked me which street he was on. I answered Maisonneuve and he then asked how to get to Sherbrooke. I let him know the way, and had to tell him when the light turned green so he could manage. In Toronto they have bird chirping noises that help the blind find their way (if anyone knows how that works please comment), where as in Montreal they don’t (and most of the world). So it makes me think, how do they walk in the street and find their way everyday? I know that when you can’t use one of your senses the others are sharpened, however for navigation purposes sight is the most important part. It just made me thankful I have my sight. To top it off, when I got home and started watching CSI Miami (don’t ask) a witness to a murder was blind and just made me think, wow twice in one night? That is no coincidence, so appreciate your sight if you have it!

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