How to unlock a Bell 2Wire 2701HG-G Modem/Router

Today I helped my friend unlock his Bell 2Wire 2701HG-G Modem/Router. We were not doing it to unlock it per say, but we wanted to update his router to a newer firmware to hopefully resolve a wifi disconnection issue with his iPad. I stumbled upon some forums that lead me to a file. We updated the modem, which cleared his Bell settings (something I knew would happen from experience!). So after a long time of scrolling through pages of forums, and trying to figure stuff out, with the help of the forum I figured it out on my own.

Firstly before I get to the good stuff (skip this part and go to the bottom if you just want to unlock the 2Wire 2701HG-G) let me warn you to never get a branded modem/router. Why you might ask? Well because of the fact that they are branded some features might be stripped and getting those features back, or a decent web interface might be difficult if not impossible. Secondly they barely release updates, and when they do, you can’t get access to the files your self. I would rather input all these settings into a D-Link/Linksys router or this Buffalo router that is on my wish list.

So first of all you will need to flash the Modem/Router with a newer firmware. This firmware is for another ISP called Singtel. Don’t worry it should work fine as I have used it on a Bell connection. The main problem was once we updated the firmware, and wanted to input the Bell username and password it kept inputting to the end of the username no matter what we did. Finally I found out that we had to use a key code to remedy that (See this is what I was talking about earlier in the post! I have never used a key code on a router, I feel this is a very stupid idea or “feature” if you want to call it that). So follow the steps below and you should be able to get your router working with the Singtel firmware.

Before Updating your Modem/Router please make sure you have your username and password written down, or call Bell to get them, as they will be erased when the firmware is flashed.

Unlocking the Bell 2Wire 2701HG-G

1. Download the Singtel firmware (Rapidshare)

2. Access your router’s firmware update page, I have listed all the possible web portal addresses that I have encountered, one of them SHOULD work for you. ( | |

3. Select the Singtel 2sp file which you downloaded from above and click Update. (You should only do this through a wired connection and not wireless.)

4. Hopefully after a successful flash access the router’s Setup page ( | |

5.Enter this Key Code (5225-26P4-6262-22AS-B2E7) and click Advanced, now continue with the setup, and it will not append the to the end of your B1 username. This is the only Key Code that worked for me as the others would fail even if we had the correct username/password combination. If this Key Code does not work for you check out all the rest of the Key Codes at the 2Wire website.

That is all, your Modem/Router should now connect to bell. The reason I wrote this tutorial, was because I saw that the information was scattered all over the forums, with a bit of correct information everywhere, and not all in one place. If I have made a mistake please point it out so I can fix this. Also I would hope that Bell and other ISPs find this post, and see how much users are frustrated with their branded hardware. Hopefully they will start using less restricted, and user changeable hardware/software. While it might be easier in the short run, I find that in the long run it is more costly, more annoying, and more problematic since there are such few firmware updates. Enjoy your unlocked/updated Modem/Router.

Ps. So far my friend’s iPad is working without a problem. Hopefully it stays that way.

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  1. IM trying to unlock one of my bell routers you are posting about,

    im trying to get to the update page and im promped with a password, and the password you listed does not work , what can I do to get past it?

  2. Hey Kush, quick question for ya!

    If I unlock this router following your instructions, will I be able to access UPnP settings on the router? I’m trying to get PS3mediaserver to work but without UPnP available within the router, I am having major troubles!


  3. Thanks a million Kush. Teksavvy is my internet provider and this router was given to me by a previous Bell user. Your Instructions are simple and straight forward and work like a charm. I can’t understand how other folks can brick their modem with your instructions.

  4. just got this modem/router yesterday for my new isp,teksavvy was always getting the bell setup page on my pc and iphone.and a few other problems. i did this update and all is perfect!! thanx for the help Kush!! everyone with this modem/router needs to do this. cheers!

  5. ok. big problem now. for the first day after unlocking,was working perfectly. now,im constantly loosing my wireless connection on my iphone. on my pc a few time too but 7 times in 4 minutes on my iphone. i cant find a solution. any ideas? the iphone is connected to the router but the connection to the net just stops.

    1. Go into the firmware, change the original WEP-Open for WA-PSK and select “Use Custom Passphrase”.
      Then chosse a password between 8 – 64 characters (for more security, choose a combination of a word, plus numbers. For example “generic1234”).
      Your Apple devices will work fine. Do not select WPA2 since it does not work very well in this 2Wire.
      DO NOT SELECT “Power Setting” greater than “8” since 9 and 10 will give you frequent disconnection issues.
      I hope it will help you. Cheers.

    2. hi, you have to talk with ur internet provider, they will send you the new power adaptor, it happened to me once and I spoke to the bell, they sent me another power adaptor for free, since working fine. hope this will help u. bye.

  6. Is there a way to unlock the speed cap on the 2wire? I have 4mb coming to my house but 768K is max on the router. AT&T claims that’s the highest speed I can get. Me and the tech spent 3 hrs monitoring and it never went below 2mb. He didn’t know how to unlock it. Can you help?

  7. Thanks Kush, above mentioned firmaware works 100%. I am with Acanac also using VoIP phone Linksys adapter PAP2T/N hooked to it. Other way to access all advanced settings is mentioned in # 6.
    1) Download firmware:… or search for: 2wire_reinstall_voice_5.
    2) Type following Upgrade Firmware address into your 2wire router address in the Internet Explorer (Firefox):
    Then reflash with above mentioned downloaded firmware file – navigate to the saved firmware: 2wire_reinstall_voice_5.
    (Likely IMPORTANT ): Before reflashing unplug everything (except your computer LAN) and unplug/re-plug power supply. After flushing starts let it sit until SingTel logo appears !!!! – this is very important, it make take like 30mins – screen will show lighted dots – wait until the last one turns red and SingTel logo appears !!!
    3) Original BELL 2WIRE interface address was now it’s
    4) Go to Broadband >> Advances setting and update your Internet provider User name and Password provided by your provider – Acanac has something like User name format: Password: XXXX1xx and also Change MTU to VCI=35 (recommended by Acanac)
    5) If you want to use Wireless go to Wireless setting and adjust to settings you like e.g. like Broadcast name, change your security password, power setting (I prefer 1 lowest one that will work for you) etc… Go to Home Network settings >> Summary and make sure Home Network Wireless is Enabled. Note: Green “Wireless” light may not light up until you have some wireless thing actually working /broadcasting Wi-Fi, e.g. your mobile/cell phone or Laptop.
    6) If you want to get to MANAGEMENT panel type address : or or http://home/tech/
    and Default password: 2wire
    Cheers & Good Luck !

  8. Nice job,

    I have 2 bell 2701hg-g routers, one was my default wireless when i signed up with Bell, the other I had to return and Bell didn’t want to send me the shipping parcel so its been sitting around. Is there a way I can stream media to my samsung tv through the second unused router. If possible connect to the TV to the internet without using an ethernet cable (though not essential)

    thanks in advance

  9. Hello;

    I need some help asap please… I need to return a rental BELL Modem Model: 2701HG-G Modem/Router today Oct 17, 2011.

    My question is, if the modem is flashed with a different firmware, is it possible to revert back to BELL’s original based *.2sp firmware? Would anyone have a BELL *.2sp image firmware file available that I can use? I flashed my modem with the QWEST – 2700-2701–QT04- firmware back in 2010 and I need to find a way to revert back to BELL’s firmware asap.

    Thanks in advance…

  10. After unlocking this router is it possible to connect the internet to the computer first then come from the computer to the router or say pick up a signal with my laptop and send it to the router to re broadcast

    1. that would have nothing to do with a special function on the router. The router just acts an an IP address splitter basically. While your laptop is connected to wireless plug the eouters internet port into your laptop and only the laptop highlight both the wired and wireless connections at the same time. Right click and select bridge. This will connect the wired and wirless ports on your laptop together as if they were on a switch. So basically the routers internet port is getting DHCP off of the wireless, just like your laptop is. Note: you wil not be able to configure wireless settings sometimes while the network cards are bridged. You must unbridge first, change wireless settings on laptop and rebridge. This will work thou for most scenarios.

  11. Thanks a lot. I found this site a few months ago and never got around to doing it. Tried it today and it worked fine.

    I was a little nervous when the key code you provided didn’t work. I then went to the 2wire site and went through a lot of those as well, and they didn’t work. I then went back into setup using the address and used the key code you provided. Worked like a charm.

    (I originally used and there is where I got into trouble as the @singet always appended.)

    Many thanks.

  12. I was given a Bell 2Wire 2701HG-G (residential) and wanted to use it for myBell 2Wire 2701HG-G (home business) Bell Tech informed me they could not help with the firmware, I resented paying $10/month rental over the years. I am happy to say your firmware worked perfectly and I am sending the rental back to Bell.

    Many Thanks

    1. Also, you can use the default bell key code in this firmware


      Not sure what the difference is, but it works for removing the issue

      Another issue I found was VPI should be 0 VCI 35 for Bell DSL

  13. Does the 2Wire 2701HG-G use the WPS feature. If so can this WPS feathure be disabled. How? I hear this is a major security issue with home use wireless routers.

  14. I check the firware but donot find on Rapid share.
    If any body have so please send me .

    I am very thank full.


  15. So why am I the only one getting asked for a password before I can upgrade the firmware?

    “Enter the Technician password below to view advanced gateway settings”

    Any thoughts?

  16. l’adresse suivante ne fonctionne pas: ( ), il me donne “Page introuvable” j’ai trouvé cette adresse: mais il me demande un mot de passe de Bell Tech! N’importe qui peut aider??

  17. the following address does not work: (, it gives me “Page Not Found” I found this address: / upgrade but he asks me a password of Bell Tech! Anyone can help?

  18. Need help with the “Technician login” on Bell’s 2wire 2701 – want to set the device into modem-only “bridging” mode, but can’t get into the Advanced settings to disable routing and direct PPPoE.

    Tried 2wire but can’t get in – does anyone know the password?

    Is the new link on v6 firmware.


    1. Yes, the modems are being upgraded to version 6. The entire menu system looks different now. And you can access the page through:
      But version 6 has added a password. It asks for “Technician login password”. I do not know the password and without it, it is impossible to go any further with upgrading the firmware or unlocking the modem.

  19. i have a 2wire bell 2701gh-g and i need
    the following address does not work: (, it gives me “Page Not Found” I found this address: / upgrade but he asks me a password of Bell Tech! Anyone can help?

    1. I too am having the same issue about not finding the page for the upgrade and keep getting the “Need a technician password” when I try anything else. Can someone tell me a working link to get my 2Wire into update mode? Thanks in advance.

  20. is it possible to revert back to bell standard firmware and ifso does any here have a link for download. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  21. What worked for me:

    1) download this firmware:

    2) Go Here

    3) Follow the prompts. (If you interrupt the install, the modem will never work again!)


    Use either of the following keys. The ones listed in Kush’s tutorial didn’t work for me:


    Set VPI 0
    Set VCI 35
    ATM Encapsulation: LLC

    Just tried this, worked fine.

    Turn the modem off, turn it on again. Poof. She works.

  22. version 6 has added a password. It asks for “Technician login password”. I do not know the password and without it, it is impossible to go any further with upgrading the firmware or unlocking the modem.
    i need a password tech….

  23. I am probably a moron, but i have a rented 2 wire 2701HG-G that was given to me, when i plug it in it asks for activation, my internet provider is, but their modems kind of suck. I like the 2 wire because i have a psp and an ipod i use wireless for but don’t have a router. So i figured the 2 wire would be perfect as a modem and a wireless router. I am computer illiterate and if you have any info to help me out that would be great. I have read most of the forum but it’s all Chinese to me.

    1. Then maybe you should get a chinese translated to english dictionary, you think? Just a thought it can’t be any clearer then it already is. Crystal clear. But one problem did tell my wife I did this and she was experiencing internet problems while I was at work , so she called I ISP and they could see that the firmware was flash and they would not help with ant internet issues. Currently with another ISP and no longer need this device will sell if anyone can use it. The value of the device once flashed is worth about $300 dollars I will let it go for $250 as long as you pay the shipping. Will be posting this on ebay as well with pics. If anyone interested, reply to this message.

  24. hey I was just wondering if I could use my 2wire 2701HG-G just as a router since I no longer have my internet with bell but need a new router. thank you

  25. Thanks Brandon for your post.

    My modem stopped working and I had to redo the setup.

    I used your first code 522P-22P4-6262-22AT-F2NV and that worked for me.

  26. For the technician password some say on the net that its: techsupport.Although,it didn’t work for me.

  27. I try today to upgrade the modem and I get:
    Software Upgrade Error

    The upgrade was unsuccessful.
    Unfortunately, the software upgrade could not be completed.
    Please click “Back” to try again or click “Cancel” to return to the gateway page.

    Failure detail:
    image not intended for our platform ‘shiva’, limited to medusa

    Any idea?

  28. I purchased AT&T 2Wire 2701hg-B from a website. Recently Tried to update firmware Now unable to login to the device. It is pingable from computer with IP Wired Network connect to the device and gateway IP is shown as Devices are getting connected thru Wireless. Unable to configure Internet on the device. Tried all possible combinations available to login to the device. Could somene help me. Thanks in advance.

  29. hi, i’m trying to access the upgrade page, but i dont remember the password i made for this modem. i made it back in 2011 and cant access the upgrade page, wht do i do now 🙁

  30. Hello,
    I would like to unlock my Bell modem, but your link to SingTel firmware (Rapidshare) seems to be broken because it displays just a nice picture, but that’s it.
    Many thanx for a link update.


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