Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro Vs Blue Eyeball 2.0 comparison

I wanted to get a webcam for my parent’s mac mini and was originally going to get them the same one that I had, (Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro) however I noticed at the Apple Store in Montreal that there was another HD webcam for $50 less. I decided to give it a try since the specs, and packaging looked promising. I had also looked at reviews online before purchasing it and they said it was good, only one compared it to the Logitech and said the Logitech was superior.  I found that the video is nothing like the Logitech and also the audio is quite low compared to the Logitech (with all the same settings). Since I could not find any video or photo comparison I have snapped a some pics and recorded some video from photo booth to demonstrate the difference. Hope you enjoy it.

Photo on 2009 12 09 at 00.18 2 300x225 Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro Vs Blue Eyeball 2.0 comparison
Photo Booth Picture taken with Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro (Click on Picture for Full Size)
Photo on 2009 12 09 at 00.15 300x225 Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro Vs Blue Eyeball 2.0 comparison
Photo Booth Picture taken with Blue Eyeball 2.0 (Click on Picture for Full Size)

Here is a video comparison of the two Webcams:

8 thoughts on “Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro Vs Blue Eyeball 2.0 comparison”

  1. Thanks for the comparison video.

    I have been trying to get information and sample videos for the blue eyeball 2.0 for almost 2 months. Blue Microphones have ignored all requests to provide example videos or details of what resolutions are actually available via their website support and facebook group.

    With your review it’s apparent why they don’t want to give any real information – the product is awful – which is a shame considering how good most of Blue’s products are.

    What frustrated me most is the large number of online “mini reviews” on the Blue Eyeball 2.0 which are nothing more than sales pitches by retailers who have clearly not tried using the Eyeball at all.

    Thank you for providing some example footage. I’ll stick to my Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000…

  2. Thanks for this review! I have been googling for a side-by-side comparison and this is very helpful. The audio on the Blue is great, but the video leaves a lot to be desired. Sigh – if only there were a meld of Logitech video and Blue audio.

  3. There is definitely something wrong with your settings, the Blue microphone should blow the logitech out of the water. Blue makes high quality microphones for Podcasting/garage bands. I think taking the two out of the box and plugging them in doesn’t equal a fair comparison. You would have to set the two up to their optimum settings for any kind of contest.

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