How to debrand a Blackberry using MFI Multiloader

I have never got around to doing this, mostly because I’ve got rid of my Blackberry Curve 8900 a while ago. However some people have contacted me asking how to do it. Coincidentally a contact that had been using my tutorial decided to help me out by sharing the love. All this information is courtesy of Mike Harrington. Please show him some love by visiting his blog.

The first thing you are going to do is run MFI Multiloader. You want the phone to have a 1 on the screen. Disconnect it from the computer and type S T A R T as usual. Now close and reopen MFI Multiloader. Make sure none of the boxes are ticked. Press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + F12 at the same time to bring up the hidden menu. Click on Load VSM; the file you are looking for is called “VSM-11697-001” It is located in the MEP folder in your MML directory.  C:\MML\MEP\VSM-11697-001. When you select the file it will say “VSM successfully loaded!” Now all you have to do is reload the OS as usual with BB desktop manager. Very simple process and only an extra step when unlocking your phone. This works for every blackberry that is compatible with MFI Multiloader! Your screen will look like this now on boot up instead of the normal AT&T/T-Mobile/Rogers/Telus/Etc.

blackberry debrand

Mike Harrington

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  1. Hi Mike… Thanks bro for the steps… it tired it on my att 8310 and it worked like a charm…just one question instead of the black berry white and blueand white black berry screen is it possible to load just black and white black berry screen? if so is there any way to do it… ur help is extremely appreciated…thanks for the steps….

  2. Yeah, I tried this last night.. just the beginning part.. LOL, fail. I kept getting a USB error. One time, it seemed to work, I plugged my phone in and it went to a red LED.. off, on, off, on, off, etc. I finally unplugged it and to my suprise, it started back up normally.

    Not sure what is going on. I am using a 64bit Vista laptop. Maybe try XP? Anywho, off to eat some lasagna. I will be back with some findings later.e


  3. well debranding will not work on bberry 8520 8900 9500 9630 9700 and some new versions of bberry bold 9000

  4. how to properly install MFI Multilouder???
    I installed Device manger 4 Blackberry, then MI Framework 2,0 for Vista 64bit, and now trying to install MFI, downloaded the MFI-complete 2, setup file, making Setup, then uncompressing all other files, copying them into C:MML and running the MFI – – – FUCK, it doesn’t work, please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. If mfi reloader doesn’t respond when your device is connected replace the bbdevmgr file in c/ common files/ research in motion with the one from c/ mml/ bin

  5. what can i do if the MFI multiloader that i current have doesn’t detect my blackberry 9700. If it recovered fully from nuke can it still be detected. How plz… ?

  6. yes I have tried personally ..coz bberry 8520 8900 9500 9630 9700 and some new versions of bberry bold 9000 are RTAS Protected

    other old models can be debranded perfectly ..u can push in any type of logo u need there are hundreds of vsm files of different providers available


  7. Bold 9000 with imei start with 98XXX could have the RTAS Protection like the 8520 8900 9500 9630 9700

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