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While browsing the interwebs today, I came across this ad that said google pays me $137 an hour. That’s great I’m really happy for the guy, but on the right side it says a monthly income of $5,000 dollars? Wouldn’t you at least do the math before posting one of those get rich quick ads? Google doesn’t pay per hour and even if that is his average there is around 720 hours in a month, so basically this is a fail! The funny part is that later on, I found another ad by him that said $150 an hour. So I guess his strategy is throw out random numbers and hope it works. I found this too funny so I had to post.

Google pays him 137 an hour WOW!

I thought they payed him $137

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  1. Well, he could be earning $137/hour and then only working about 1.7 hours a week. That could explain only $5000/month instead of making in the $20,000/month….haha. and the $150/hour.. woo-woo! he got a promotion! SO FUNNY!!! Sadly, so many people do not stop to think if the ads make sense.

  2. Lol, they are scams, if you read the terms and conditions it says black on white that the people featured, their photos, even the comments people leave on the site saying how great it is, are all made up.

    Lol why didn’t you read the terms and conditions?, it says right there that they are lying to you. Use your brain, why would people make such an elaborate website and go through SO MUCH trouble lying to you and making it SOUND so ATTRACTIVE and SO GREAT, just to make YOU rich? Do you think that is more likely after all their EFFORT, or do you think it’s more likely that they want to con you out of YOUR money.

    Lol they even tell you they are lying in the terms and conditions because they have to by law.

  3. Yeah, rubbish advertisements with bad math. I’ve gone to many websites and I have seen these ads lots of times. The number after the “pays me” part, I have seen range from $70-$500. And the 2nd number still says $5000.

  4. Hy Guys this is really a time waistage activity to search this string. I’ve already waste alot. so don’t more. Every add containas a different math addition & multiplications.
    I Ultimately close this bloody chapter.

  5. r u all mad…..although i myself have doubt in my mind yet maths says he’d have to wrk 35-40 hrs a month to get amount of 5000$ @ 137$/hr

  6. hey its rediculos 2 hear about google i searching for some internet job which pays me good sum of money in less time

  7. You know “there’s a sucker born every minute”. Some people are desperate for an opportunity. If you ever find something real, speak up. Thanks for the blog.

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