TSA Notice of Baggage Inspection

So I just returned from my spring break all with no problems. I even got to visit the white house and take pictures. When I got home I found this notice in my bag. I read it and everything seemed ok, but when I read the line that says they are not liable for damaging your bags I got really angry(they didnt ruin my bag, but theres logic behind my anger). I do understand the issue of security, however if they tell you to open it right there in front of them wouldn’t that be better? No ones bags would get broken, and on top of that no ones bags would get items stolen since the locks are broken. Finally baggage handlers are the most commonly blamed people for stolen items, when recently there have been many reports of the TSA agents stealing. I find that if they told you up front to open your bag everything would be easier and most if not all problems wouldn’t exsist. Last but not least – Smart Security Saves Time? Who the hell came up with that slogan?

Tsa pamphlet
Tsa pamphlet

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  1. I know its rediculous but the signs leading to the screening locations are legal notice about locks on luggage. Either way no TSA person will break a lock without first trying to find the passenger, too much paperwork!

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