Blackberry Media Sync on Windows 7

A lot of programs won’t install or run properly on windows 7 yet, and not many developers have cared since it’s still in beta and If you’ve tried to use blackberry media sync on windows 7 and failed i have found a way to work it. I was always getting an error when trying to install it. so here’s a work around that should get you using the program quickly.
1. once you have the file downloaded Extract its contents using winrar (the exe is just a zip file)
2. press the windows button and r button on the keyboard, type in “cmd” without the quotes and press enter
3. navigate to where the folder to the folder you extracted
4. Rename the msi file to a.msi for ease of use in the next step
4. type “msiexec /a a.msi” without the quotes and press enter
5. now a window will pop up and extract the files you need just select where you want to extract them
6. press the windows button and r button on the keyboard, then type regsvr32 “path to the you extractedBBDeviceFileAccess.dll” with the quotes and everything should work now (when it asks you to download the update say cancel)

if you are having problems let me know, im still syncing the album art as of now. ill update this post once i can gaurentee it works 100%

Update: it works! 😀

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  1. Your trick doesn’t work Ran through the process regsvr32 the required dll and got a successful message, restarted the computer and still when I open media sync, I only get the message asking to download an update. after clicking cancel nothing populates in the app, just no device.

    all of this was done with administrative permissions.

    any ideas…

  2. happened to me once, open desktop manager let desktop manager recognize the phone (do this while media sync is closed) then open media sync it should get the phone.

    I got it working by doing the following:

    1. Save BlackBerryMediaSync.exe to a folder.

    2. Right click BlackBerryMediaSync.exe and select “Troubleshoot Compability”

    3. Hit next and when you come to the What Problems do you notice window, select “The program worked in an earlier version of windows” and hit Next.

    4. Select “Windows Vista” and hit next.

    This should run without issue now.

  4. Hi, thanks for publishing this,

    I got to step six and I get this error:

    [Window Title]

    The module “D:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Media Sync\BBDeviceFileAccess.dll” was loaded but the call to DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80070005.

    For more information about this problem, search online using the error code as a search term.


    any suggestions?

  5. ps, I did search online using the error code but didn’t see anything that I understood – seemed to be related to windows update stuff

  6. hey!

    sorry, but i dont understand this step: ” type “msiexec /a a.msi” without the quotes and press enter”.
    u cant name a file with a slash in it…so please, what do i have to do?


    1. Hey malt, the /a is an argument to the msiexec file not the file name. The filename follows the argument “*.msi”. I hope this helps, if not just post another comment and I’ll help you out.

  7. honestly? no 😉
    ok, if i am typing this command in this windows start field thing i get an error that it’s not possible to start this program.
    so, maybe u can explain this to me like to a total newbee, even if i thought i am none of them 😉


  8. I had a permissions problem with Windows 7. I had to get to the C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Media Sync folder and take ownership before I could run it. Stupid design. Just stupid.

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