Blackberry Unlock using mml

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  1. Hell, i bought the Blackberry Bold 9000 it was already unlocked – i called Telus i got a data plan and the phone works but NO DATA???? Telus said they opened the gateway so i had to find a way to get data activated?? HELP.

    Thanks, Sabrina

  2. Hi Kush,

    I have been following of your instructions as mentioned in your blog however during the Nuking process I kept on getting the FAIL at the end it says: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {6EDE3FE5…………….} failed due to the following error
    : 8007007e. The display on my Blackberry 9000 now is just showing “No Application Linked . I didn’t get the ‘1′ popping up on my screen….Could you advice me what has gone wrong?

    Note: I have disconnected my PC from internet and have pulled out my simcard.

    Thank you very much.

  3. to kush-

    i have tried everything it says on this and i still cant get the mml to recognize the blackberry 9000

    1. 1) Copy [BbDevMgr.exe] from the location C:\MML\bin\
      2) Overwrite the one in the location C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\USB Drivers\

  4. hi sorry to bother you all, im trying to figure out something..

    i first want to unlock two phone : blackberry 8320 and blackberry 8830 world edition.

    the 8320 is from comcel in columbia and the world edition is from telus in canada,

    both of em are prolly reported as lost or stolen.

    i would like to debrand both of those phone then being able to use em as PAY PER TALK phone, with hspda SIM ( now available for 10$ at Telus )

    could you please tell me if PIN to PIN would work without data plan ?

    im trying to figure out a way to make those phone .. “ghost”

    generated imei and pin that match algo, and have services. but using canadian SIM only to have a number. i will be using both of these phone ONLY for SMS

  5. I think to unlock an 8900 you would need MFI-19441-021. I have tried 023 and 007. Neither of those work. I do not have 021. if anyone has it would be great if I can get it.

    1. Please I need the MFI-19441-007 original send to my email, but I don’t have yours. Be figuring out.

  6. You guys are awesome. I cant even open the MML and you already unlocked a bunch of files. I have the blackberry 7290. I dont know how to unlock it. Its from the cingular network.

    Also if anyone can help me unlock my Sidekick 2008 please do. It locked to the T-mobile network.

  7. if you are going to use third party USB cables, makes sure that they have the RU or UL mark for best performance.~:~

      1. No you can not. At this time MML only unlocks the 9000, and prior models. If you click on the banner in this post you can unlock the 9700 for very cheap.

  8. kush…pls. help… on how to get rid of RTAS error upon clearing MEP for BB8900
    btw.. i did run the batch file and it was successful…

  9. im trying to unlock a bb bold 9000 but i keep getting the error “cannot connect to boot image communication timed out”. ive been searching all day and i cant seem to find any answers on this. can you help me?

  10. im trying to unlock the blackberry 8120, everything was working find it even get wipe and everything but at the end it keep saying UNABLE TO LOAD MFL FILE IN LOCAL. whats that suppose to mean

  11. hi kush

    while trying to unlock my blackberry 9000, after clicking on start, it goes through the whole process and then when it comes to full connect, it bring up FAIL and gives the error unable to cast COM object of type ‘RIMRA…..

    please help. what do i do?

    1. I think that means your bold is dead. Happened to me once, it might just be the 3g, so if you disable 3g before turning on the radio it might work.

  12. Hello kush,

    I have read your post and all the probs. people have with MFI.
    Was wondering, does MFI work with the BB 8530/8520?
    Having password detected and them failure to connect to bootrom image error.

    Thanks in advance!!!


      1. Well…. you didn’t do it so I wouldn’t be sorry.
        Thanks for your time! It is invaluable to know if something works or not so I know which direction I should go next.


  13. Hi Kush,

    I think this is one fantastic piece of software, and have managed to unlock, and debrand, 8310, 8320 Curves, and 9000 Bold, but it will not recognise my 8900 Curve at all.

    I have tried both versions of MFI, with all possible variations of “Auto Start”, and “Full Erase” checked, and un checked, and still no joy with the handset being detected.

    When I connect the handset to my PC ( running XP Pro SP2) the phone is detected, and starts to charge, but MFI will just not burst into life.

    Is there anything you can suggest that I can try, to make the software pick up my 8900 Curve?

    The hanset is currently running, but I have also tried it with 4.6 too, and still nothing when connected to MFI.

    Any help you can pass on would be very gratefully accepted.

    Many thanks.


  14. Hi is i have locked my phone trying to unlock it.Is there any way i can unlock my phone with software.I have bb storm 9550..I need answer to know if there is software that can help me unlock my storm.Thanks in advance.

  15. Hi, kush I tried mfi with my 9630 and did not work,when i checked the hh files it only goes to 9530 ,is it possible to unlock it?

    Thank you

  16. I tried unlocking my BB 8900. It went all OK, but in the end error “NO PRODUCT CONFIGURATION AVAILABLE” appeared. A message from Busy changes to orange ABORT.

    To make matters worse, now the phone only blinks the red LED twice instead of booting up. What should I do?

  17. Hi i flashed my bold 9000. But it “FAILS” with the following errors:
    Timeout. Cannot reconnect to radio. The device may be password enabled, please make sure the password is correct. Cannot connect to radio.

    And my pinnumber is also 0000000

    So if you have any ideas let me know please!

    And my pinnumber is also 0000000. Please help me asap!

    1. If you follow the tutorial to the letter you should have no problem. Are you disabling your internet connection when doing so?

      1. Yes everything is disabled. I googled around and it seems its smartcard protected. Since i bought it second hand, i cant remove the protection. So you got any idee how to remove the smart card protection first, after that i could flash it. Because it keeps saying “The device may be password enabled, please make sure the password is correct. Cannot connect to radio.” Even when i only try to load a VSM file.

        1. Hi Peter, yo can fix this problem? Im from mexico, and I have too that problem, could you help me please, if you fixed the problem.

  18. Hi Kush,

    I have tried this method to unlock my bold 9700 but I’ve just seen that it does not work with this device… You can maybe help me though: I tried unlocking with a code but the code was wrong and finally now, I have no attempts left to enter another code! Do you have any solution to this problem? Like, if it is possible to reset the counter? Or to unlock it by other means?
    Really great job btw!

  19. Hey kush I have a BB curve 8520 with no more entries for the mep2 code for unlock so there’s other way or may I use this way to do it?

  20. Thanks for all your tips, I was able to unlock my BlackBerry pearl with mep code paid much much less than other providers .I got it from many researchs and now i am able to do many services regarding this model. My friends often pay me when i solve their problems regarding Blackberry. final thanks to the site providing the excellent service, also got my LG Xenon GR500 unlocked in first try. you are the best superb!!!!! thanks to Blackberry

  21. unable to load mlf multi loader it opens for 2 to 3 sec & closes im using windows 7 ny solution 4 tat

  22. now i m able to load my mlf multiloader but , i when i connect my device to the data cable it stilll stays ” connect a device to begin ” wat should i do ???

  23. Hi kush i got the rogers bb 9700 it wont accptpe my mep code it keeps sayin code error even thou i got the mep from bb logger … with my imei is there a way to find out another solution

  24. Well, i’ve tried everything step by step on windows 7 to unlock a Bold 9000, but there’s a part where the MML says that is awaiting on full connect, then shows post progress and then fail, a pop up window stating that the connection time out ’cause it couldn’t connect, anyone with the same problem?, if so please post a reply, is there any incompatibilty issue with 7? plase guys give me your best shot.
    Thanx up in advance.

  25. I’d flashed my bold 9000.
    But it “FAILS” with the following errors:
    Timeout. Cannot reconnect to radio.
    The device may be password enabled, please make sure the password is correct. Cannot connect to radio.
    And my pinnumber is also 0000000
    And I did disabling internet connection as well..

    Please advise asap

  26. Hello I am unable to unlock the BB curve 8520 with MML and MFI Multi Loader as well as
    It will not detect the BB. I got the hidden menu to show up but all the buttons are grayed out. Can you help?

  27. i have problem with my mml ,i tried to erase mep it becouse it suspended,and i want to change my imei and pin,but i got error when i trie to erase me ,it said “feature not support by firmware version command 0xff2e.cant get the information.cant set MEP data .cant load MEP file” helllp me please…. …

  28. I hv tried to unlock bb 8820,with mfi 1.8 and 2.o,but says mfi file was not found on local drive.can anyone help?

  29. Thanks for the instructions! Worked like a charm! Should come in handy when i go OS this year.

  30. Hi Khush,

    Need ur help badly yaar; i too have a problem using it on my BB 9630 tour Verizon . i downloaded the MFI ( but it says unable to register C:\MML\binGRSNVLibCOM.dll while installation, tried registering it by regsvr32 command, did not work. MFI opens and gives error (update failed: could not find part of the path T:RMA\MML\UPDATE\UPDATE.xml. Source: mscorlib) but it does not show me start button. Please help me to unlock the 9630 tour.i dont have much knowledge abt phones and all, would appreciate step by step help.

  31. blackberry 9700 with 0 mep…i cant use the damn mfi always say’s cannot connect to damn boot image internal freakin error…someone!help me…..damn!thank you….

  32. hey kush,

    i am trying to unlock a bold 9700

    it keeps showing: cannot connect to boot image! internal error RAM image invalid.

    how can i fix this. i am using multiloader. please can you email me the response


  33. ur instructions r very precise and to the point with my blackberry bold 9000, unlike others. i’ve followed them to the point, but whatever i do, i’m stuck after the full reconnect, after which the mfi multiloader shows “fail”, with the msg “Timeout. Cannot connect to the device”.

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