Blackberry Unlock using mml

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    1. Hi my friend ,dou you have the info for unlocking cdma phones using mml


  1. I was unable to unlock the Storm – 9500 after updating and following all instructions. If you can email me I can send you the error Image.


  2. im am stuck with the storm and I cant do anything, it wont even connect to the phone says it need oracle version 8.17 i even install oracle client on my pc with no luck any ideas?

    1. deja de ver como desbloquear un Torch en mexico…… por si te robaste alguno de la planta….. te lo digo desde Canada, Waterloo, Ontario… estamos verificando a donde estan todos y cada uno, y el problema es que, quienes roben los pda tendran problemas con la justicia porque cada uno tiene un sistema de rastreo cuando son activados…..

      y si lo compraste en una compania y te quieres cambiar a otra, pues buena suerte desbloqueandolo, y disculpa mis comentarios… pero esta es una de mis labores, gracias por ser un usuario del blackberry, ofrecemos lo mejor que hay en el mercado de móviles… 🙂

      nos vemos

  3. Hi, i have an blackberry 8220 and the MFI alwais stucks on: “The MFI file was not found on the local drive. Cannot download from server without an active network connection” Do you hav the solve for that?

  4. I looking for the MFI-17483-005 because i need this file to get unlocked the PEARL 8220.. Anyone knows where can i find it?

  5. Hello,
    Can’t manage to download version 1.8 on the given link. Need a subscription but they are closed on the site.

    Is there another place to get version 1.8.
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Some tips that may be useful to others:

    * MML setup.msi has to be in the same directory as all the folders such as /bin are.
    * You must have already installed .net 2.0 and then the sp1.
    * When I connected the Bold, MML connects, then the device goes into “calibration mode”.
    * I then get the error message “System.Data.OracleClient requires Oracle client software version 8.1.7 or greater.” I have not been able to get rid of this error so far. As a last resort, I am installing Oracle client 10g and see if it helps.
    * The only way to get out of this mode is to type “start” on the BB keyboard. Nothing else will get it out of this cal mode.

    * So far, I have not been successful unlocking the Bold, though I had some hair raising moments when I thought I bricked it!

    1. hey xnok you have to have your internet disabled to have it correct that oracle error disable your network connection or wireless whichever you are using

  7. I successfully un-locked my BOLD. However, my mass storage will not work anymore. I even ry reverting back to no avail. I do NOT recommend this method to un-lock your phone. Use the online IMEI codes instead (much safer…)

    Time to get a replacement….

      1. Ok HyperWRT didn’t have desktop manager installed, he emailed me and let me know after installing desktop manager everything is fine!

  8. Hi Kush

    I have a BB – Pearl (T-Mobile)

    I have downloaded the software from your torrent I am a bit weak in computing and files it will be of great help if you could give me simple step by step way to unlock my phone

  9. hey man, i have bb 9530 storm and when i used the mfi show me this message “rtas permission to access command denied. can’tget confirmation. cannot radio off.”, and the screen’s phone show –no application linked–.

    Thank you really apreciate for ur answer.

  10. Can I get the link to download mml The one you posted above is from demonoid and they require registration which isn’t working…
    appreciate the help.

  11. Hey Kush,
    Great website helps alot,

    I have a pearl 8100, i have the error 394 message,

    What can be done to fix it, or is the phone toast!?


    1. Resolution
      Resolution 1

      Perform a hard reset on the handheld. See Support Knowledge Base Article KB-02141.
      Resolution 2

      Erase and reload the data on the BlackBerry device.

      1. In BlackBerry Desktop Manager, use the Backup and Restore tool to create a backup file of the data on your BlackBerry device. For instructions, see “Back up handheld information” in the Desktop Manager Online Help.

      Warning: The following steps will erase the data on the BlackBerry device.
      2. In BlackBerry Desktop Manager, double-click theApplication Loader icon.
      3. Click Next. The Handheld Application Selection window appears.
      4. Verify that the correct applications are selected, then clickNext.
      5. Click Advanced.
      6. Select the option for Erase all application data and Erase all currently installed applications, then clickNext.
      7. Click Finish. The data on the BlackBerry device is erased, while the operating system and applications are reloaded onto the BlackBerry device.
      8. Use the Backup and Restore tool to restore to the BlackBerry device the data saved in the backup file. For instructions, see “Restore handheld information” in theDesktop Manager Online Help.

  12. Hi
    It is really nice work,can I ask you what to do to unlock my blackberry 8300 ??
    I tried many times but without any success

  13. If MML doesnt work with the flip. . . then what does?. . .the storm is a newer phone and got dibbs on being unlocked! wow they got me on this one

  14. so, it is not or it is possible unlock operator using MFI Multiloader for BB Storm 9530 verizon? Because I tried step by step like most people say in many forum, the last result is…..”unable to cast COM object of type RIMRADIOCOMLib.RIMRadioObjClass” to interface type ‘RIMRADIOCOMLib.IConnection’. This Operation failed because the query interface call on the COM Component for the interface with IID …….failed due to the following error : no such interface support …I’ll wait for your answer….many thanks.

  15. Hey Kush, I’ve got a blackberry 8310 and what to change the IMEI and Pin to connect to EDGE on my service provider. I’ve downloaded Radio Lab Tool but it doesn’t work. Can you help me throgh it?
    Here’s my email
    Many thanks!!!

  16. I bought the blackberry 9000 with orange network i tried the multiloder method i get the fail message with error as

    unable to cast COM object of type RIMRADIOCOMLib.RIMRadioObjClass” to interface type ‘RIMRADIOCOMLib.IConnection’. This Operation failed because the query interface call on the COM Component for the interface with IID …….failed due to the following error : no such interface support

    pls help Mr.Kushhari

  17. Hey Kush,,
    This is Tushar and i hv one BB 8310 locked.. I want to unlock its SIM and Media Card. I know this required MEP code to unlock it which is i dont hav. Plz do send me the exact process of Unlocking all this.. I m really confuse… Plz tell me by considering i hv ZERO knowledge about it.. Reply me via email ..

    Plz provide me the help from zero level ….

    Yours Faithfully
    Tushar Shinde.

  18. please I need all steps to unlock my blackberry curve 8300 using the MML im confused about using it. if you please can provide me with all steps. im a beginner in this way. thx a lot.

  19. hey kush,

    really helpful blog you have going on. Can you please help me. I have done all the prep work for the unlock on my storm. When I open mml and connects to my device, it starts then say fail. Then my storm just ends up restarting….Am i missing something here. Please help.



    1. yeah it doesnt unlock them yet, or at least no one has found out how to. i stopped keeping up to date because i have classes now and have to focus. 🙂

  20. Hey guys, Ive unlocked all kinds of blackberries and today i tried to unlock a blackberry 8800, when i connect it to USB it says Unknown Device, my usb cable its okay! because i connect mine and it works fine!!!

    Please someone can help me!?

  21. so, there is no such thing for 9500 storm unlocking as of now? please post if someone had unlocked it successfully.


  22. hi kushari,

    i got the same problem unlocking my bb 8800 with the mfi mulitolader.
    everytime i try, i get the error message failed, because “unable to cast COM etc…” i disconected the pc from internet, nothing happend. still failed.

    what do i have to do

    thx a lot

  23. I have been trying to unlock my 8900 by using MFI and am continuously getting ‘RTAS access to command denied errors’. I’ve tried the following MFI files after modifying the config files to point to the correct MFI files:

    All have failed. Tried using the Clear MEP command on the hidden menu and i get the same error (only faster)

    I have tried using RIMs Radio Lab and even that gives me the same error.

    Have you got any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW: using MML

  24. Hey kush,
    I m successfull in unlocking Media card ..
    But now i want to unlock SIM.
    I m hving MFI multiloader, BB desktop manager, BB Master control program.
    Now plz tell me with MFI their 8 .rar files are there.. and one setup file MMLSETUP.msi.. what to do with this .. My question is that i hv to unzip all to one folder or just run .msi file…
    Please tell me the further procedure. to unlock…
    Waiting for your reply..

  25. need help wit nextel blackberry 8350i can it be unlock and how to do so. i tried and got a abort massage. confuse wat to do next

  26. need help, im trying to unlock a storm, and getting this error.


    PLZ help me out.

  27. To circumvent the action of disabling your internet for MML Loader to work, I noticed a few people posted a fix but this fix does not work. Here is the fix I applied for myself and it worked great, internet connected and unlocked my berry.

    Change the following in the Configuration.xml






    I noticed that version 2 of MML Loader required the UpdateActive=false to open with internet connected.

    Hope this helps.


  28. To circumvent the action of disabling your internet for MML Loader to work, I noticed a few people posted a fix but this fix does not work. Here is the fix I applied for myself and it worked great, internet connected and unlocked my berry.

    Change the following in the Configuration.xml

    —(line 3)

    database name=”RIMSOUTH” type=”oracle” enabled=”true”


    database name=”RIMSOUTH” type=”oracle” enabled=”false”

    —(line 4)

    logging station=”32″ type=”oracle” operation=”MFI” prd=”GEN-MFI_LOADER” enabled=”true”


    logging station=”32″ type=”oracle” operation=”MFI” prd=”GEN-MFI_LOADER” enabled=”false”

    —(line 10)

    parameter name=”UpdateActive” value=”true”


    parameter name=”UpdateActive” value=”false”

    —(line 26)

    path type=”update” local=”$(LocalRoot)\Update” remote=”T:\RMA\MML\Update” default=”update.xml”


    I noticed that version 2 of MML Loader required the UpdateActive=false to open with internet connected.

    Hope this helps.


  29. HI,

    last guy you forgot to set the correct value for line 26.

    So, what is the correct value…

    I have that “unable to cast COM” with all my devices…


  30. I performed the unlock… before reading that it doesn’t work for a 9530. Now my BlackBerry is bricked and won’t turn on. How do I reset it?

  31. Sup Kush? i’ve got a question, i’ve installed MFI correctly and followed the instructions to letter but somehow everytime i plug my phone (Bold 9000) the MFI program doesn’t do anything, it just stays on the same screen and doesn’t appear to recognize my phone but when i open bberry device manager it says my phone is connected. please help. thanks

    1. Did you try opening MFi, and then connecting the phone, or disconnecting the phone and then reconnecting it, all while mfi is open? sometimes that happens.

  32. Yeah i opened MFI first before connecting the phone, disconnecting / reconnecting but nothing happens. it’s frustrating. Got any suggestions?

    1. What operating system are you using? I reccomend Xp, or vista. Do not use windows 7. If you are using Vista, try using Xp its more stable, and runs better. Finally which version of desktop manager are you using?

  33. i’m using windows xp, desktop manager
    everything good? i wonder what im doing wrong.

    1. Try using another computer, desktop manager shouldn’t have an effect on it, but try using 4.6 ( i feel its better than 4.7 anyways)

    2. replace the bbdvmger.exe file in the directory of rim for the one who came whith mml and must work fine.

  34. I can’t get MFI to load at all. On Vista x64..

    04-16 20:36:36 : UnhandledException:
    System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast COM object of type ‘BBDEVMGRLib.DeviceManagerClass’ to interface type ‘BBDEVMGRLib.IDeviceManager’. This operation failed because the QueryInterface call on the COM component for the interface with IID ‘{C716830B-A0F4-46DF-B82A-548CFB08755E}’ failed due to the following error: Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG)).
    at BBDEVMGRLib.DeviceManagerClass.get_Devices()
    at MML.frmMain.EnableControlsSafe(Object obj)

    On XP..

    04-16 19:35:29 : UnhandledException:
    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    at MML.frmMain.EnableControlsSafe(Object obj)

    What is going on here? I can’t find anything similar to this out there. I’ve tried everything I can think of.

  35. Hello people, just wanted to let you know that I’ve successfully unlocked the Blackberry 8300 and Blackberry 7290 both using MML and the other files. Will post more updates as I successfully unlock other models.

  36. Has anyone unlocked any Blackberry Bold’s as yet with any of the MML software versions? If so please let me know which one you used. Thanks.

  37. Yeah jerryboy i have unlocked many bolds, the works better anyways. PS the phone can be running any software version!

    1. hola, estoy desbloqueando un BlackBerry curve 9300, y estoy utilizando MML y sale este error: Unable to cast COM object of type ‘BBDEVMGRLib. DeviceManagerClass’ to interface type ‘BBDEVMGRLib.IDeviceManager’…. No se que ams hacer… Me puedes ayudar…pleasee.

  38. hi Kush,
    i have unlocked 8100,8120,8800,8820,8310,8300,8320,9000. Now i have upgraded MFI version to but still i cant unlock 8900 and 9500 . It is loading software successful but the final attempt usb is not recognizing so operation will failed

  39. hi Kush,
    i tried to unllock 9500 but i am an error ” Load flash image faild (MFI-21968-001)
    OS is not crypto signed .
    what is the problem ?
    Thank you very much .

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