Vista Driver Problems?

I’ve had (and im sure many of you also have had) trouble with  vista installing drivers of  products that usually don’t need drivers, and these devices worked fine with Windows XP. Well i’ve found a fix, for most of those devices, when Windows Vista asks if you have the driver, just point it to C:\Windows (assuming that is where you have windows installed) and include subfolders. It will then find the driver, im not sure why windows doesn’t automatically find the drivers, but whatever, probably a bug.

3 thoughts on “Vista Driver Problems?”

  1. I spent an hour on hold with Compaq support being told to go to the device manufacturer to get the drivers (THERE ARE NONE!) until I came across this, fixed my problem, and told the support people the solution. I would have called microsoft, but they want $59 per call…?

    What, afraid to support their own product?

  2. Isn’t that what you are supposed to do anyway? Its in the windows\ tree that diver cabs are stored…

    I guess its news for some people. thanks anyways

  3. no joey thats not what you are suppose to do, its actually what windows is suppose to do, in windows xp, if the driver was there it never complained, but in windows vista, it sometimes asks you to install a driver, and how can you do that when there is no driver for it available for vista when its suppose to be plug and play? so you have to point it there yourself

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